Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bounce Back

My usual wake up call at night is the sound of sweet baby girls stirring, this was contrasted monday night by the sound of Levi moaning.  I happened to be nursing one of the girls when he woke up, so I quickly nestled baby girl back into bed, to tend to him.  I found him face down in a mess of nasty business.  He mutters:
"Gross mama"
"It's okay buddy, we'll clean it up" I reply
"I sorry mommy" his little voice quivers back.
"Aww, it's okay bud" I answer back.  My heart melts inside.  I wish I could take it all away from him.  Dale helps with the clean-up and Levi gets a quick warm bath, book and back into bed.  It truly is an amazing thing, the body of a toddler, he bounces back so quickly, it's astonishing.  Unlike my body, when I have the flu, that feels like one of a 70 year old man run over by a truck. Yes, I said man, because we all know that the man disease is so much worse, at least in this house. Dale would freely admit this.  Although the vomiting ceased, I still heard "mommy" about five hundred and sixty seven times during the day.  I'd love to say that I responded to each call with the utmost attention, however I have to admit, it got old, real fast.

We took it easy for the day with a few more shows then normal, and bowls of hot soup in our pj's.  I watched as steam vapours slow danced their way out of the bowl.

Before I knew it, He was back to his usual shenanigans.

So far the rest of the family has remained unscathed. Praying it stays this way, or for lots of grace if it does hit the rest of us.

It is quite the sight to see these two playing in a crib.  It amazes me that even with kicks to the head, scratches in the face and pulled hair, they don't seem to let out too many alarming cries.  Well, that was short lived. I heard an unusually urgent cry other night.  Mama instinct told me something was up.  Sure enough I found Averie with both hands on Kaela's back pushing her face into the mattress.  I quickly scooped up that purple faced baby girl, reassured, comforted and calmed her.  I suppose more frequent checks will be needed on these two monkeys.

I'm excited to be heading out to a women's teen challenge graduation ceremony in Newmarket tomorrow night.  I just love to hear testimonies of how God has reached down and saved people. Look out for a new post about our visit with these changed women. 


  1. yikes...when you said "face down in a mess of nasty business" I thought you meant...well...number 2. I was thinking...I don't remember that!


  2. Thanks for inviting me to check out your blog! I love it....brings me back to some very precious days with a few very precious little boys. You have such a wonderful combination of thoughtful ponderings and down to earth truth. Carry on! I'll be popping back often :-)

    1. Thanks so much Cyndy. I just love getting comments and I'm glad you enjoyed the read!


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