Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bounce Back

My usual wake up call at night is the sound of sweet baby girls stirring, this was contrasted monday night by the sound of Levi moaning.  I happened to be nursing one of the girls when he woke up, so I quickly nestled baby girl back into bed, to tend to him.  I found him face down in a mess of nasty business.  He mutters:
"Gross mama"
"It's okay buddy, we'll clean it up" I reply
"I sorry mommy" his little voice quivers back.
"Aww, it's okay bud" I answer back.  My heart melts inside.  I wish I could take it all away from him.  Dale helps with the clean-up and Levi gets a quick warm bath, book and back into bed.  It truly is an amazing thing, the body of a toddler, he bounces back so quickly, it's astonishing.  Unlike my body, when I have the flu, that feels like one of a 70 year old man run over by a truck. Yes, I said man, because we all know that the man disease is so much worse, at least in this house. Dale would freely admit this.  Although the vomiting ceased, I still heard "mommy" about five hundred and sixty seven times during the day.  I'd love to say that I responded to each call with the utmost attention, however I have to admit, it got old, real fast.

We took it easy for the day with a few more shows then normal, and bowls of hot soup in our pj's.  I watched as steam vapours slow danced their way out of the bowl.

Before I knew it, He was back to his usual shenanigans.

So far the rest of the family has remained unscathed. Praying it stays this way, or for lots of grace if it does hit the rest of us.

It is quite the sight to see these two playing in a crib.  It amazes me that even with kicks to the head, scratches in the face and pulled hair, they don't seem to let out too many alarming cries.  Well, that was short lived. I heard an unusually urgent cry other night.  Mama instinct told me something was up.  Sure enough I found Averie with both hands on Kaela's back pushing her face into the mattress.  I quickly scooped up that purple faced baby girl, reassured, comforted and calmed her.  I suppose more frequent checks will be needed on these two monkeys.

I'm excited to be heading out to a women's teen challenge graduation ceremony in Newmarket tomorrow night.  I just love to hear testimonies of how God has reached down and saved people. Look out for a new post about our visit with these changed women. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Weekend

It was a stunningly beautiful weekend and I found everything to be very photogenic and picturesque. There are lots of photo's and few words for this post, so hang in tight, here we go.

Friday night the littles and I bunkered in for the night.  We had the pleasure of aunt Heather coming for a visit.     I settled those wee precious girls snuggly into their beds as Aunt Heather snuggled on the couch with Levi to enjoy a movie.  The sandman came knocking on Levi's door as he sat still, fixed on the show.  He's like his mama, busy, busy, busy, and when he does finally sit, sleep hits, hard.  Instead of giving in, he needs to keep moving, to push off the sleep. The movie will wait for another day. We snuggled him under fresh cool sheets, and he gave in.  

Saturday morning, we drove out to Mom and Dad's for a long overdue visit. On the drive, the sun shone brightly on snow covered fields, revealing diamonds scattered near and far.

Their house rests nestled amongst fields rustling with brittle corn stalks.  The sun shines amidst the thick of the fields, radiant and proud.

Inside, young son beams with excitement, as brightly as the sun outside.

Sun breaks through window panes, illuminates the floors below. We welcome the warmth.

The savoury smell of home made soup permeates the house.  We discuss scriptures, and the sweet words of Jesus permeates our souls.

I leave filled in body and soul.

On Saturday night, the family started a study on the book Give Them Grace by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick & Jessica Thompson.  We have only read the forward so far, and are already craving more of this book.  It should prove to be an excellent resource.

The littles are crawling...Averie's got it nailed, and Kaela is still working out some kinks. All in all, it makes for some fun times in the Chapman household.

I'm not sure what it is about these two, but I always find them hanging out together.  He seems to be more drawn to Averie, though Kaela is closer to his personality type. Opposites attract? Time will tell.

 The sewing table was busy on the weekend.  So as promised, without further adieu, may I present the crayon wallet.

Great for keeping little hands busy at the doctors office, in the car, or just when mom would like a tea break.  Take a look at them here for more details. More styles to come!

Happy Monday. Enjoy the rain!

Friday, January 20, 2012


Yesterday morning started off well. Swimming lessons in the morning with our friends Angie and their son Wyatt, then I headed to the farm mid morning for some eggs.  The drive out was quite peaceful, I may or may not have stopped for a decaf and warm cinnamon roll on the way out.  After picking up the eggs, the van was so quiet and still that I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to enjoy and bit of tranquillity.  I figured the three bugs would have a siesta in the car, and I'd enjoy some time for reflection.  I'd love to say that I had some great epiphany or deep revelation while on my little trip, but I mostly just enjoyed the sound of crunching snow under tires and the sight of tired, worked fields sleeping under still snow and magnificent blue jays dancing on tree limbs.  With the babes sleeping soundly, I headed home, and proceeded to get into a funk. You know, those funks that just seem to affect everything, and you just can't even really nail down where it started or why. 

Funk dwindled when the husband walked through the door.  Just needed a fresh face to look at I guess.  Then I realize, should have turned to Jesus' sweet fresh face instead.  Something to work on. Despite trying to muster up and shake it off, if I'm honest I slipped back to that funk for the evening, when I should have left it at Jesus' feet. I spent some sweet time in prayer this morning doing just that.  I'm unfunked...for now.

We have discovered in some recent months past, that toddlers seem to want to touch everything. So, we invented a new way to keep those little paws in one place. Thought I would share. 

Little fella is a houdini, figured it out in about 2.5 seconds. Back to the drawing board.

There's a new project brewing in the sewing room, so look out for a  new product after the weekend.

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Few of my Favourite Things

So, I've been thinking lately about things that I enjoy and things that I'm thankful for.  At times I can find myself writing down things that I'm thankful for that I don't necessarily enjoy.  The two seem to find a peaceful co-existence in my journal.  I was challenged this summer when reading Ann Voskamp's book: One Thousand Gifts, to be thankful for everything.  An attitude coming from the perspective that we truly do not deserve anything, and everything is a gift.  Jesus is enough. Period. Everything else is bonus. Though sometimes it's a tough mental exercise to see things in that light, especially in North America.  Am I really thankful for screaming babies? Well... I know they are still alive. Am I really thankful for dreary rainy days? Well... it nourishes the soil. Am I really thankful for laundry piled high?  Well... I have clothes to wear etc.  I find it helpful to consciously make an effort to see gifts that I'm thankful for throughout the day.  It helps to keep things in perspective and keep positive.  Just as Maria said "I simply remember my favourite things and then I don't feel so bad".  When I truly reflect on what I'm thankful for, like Maria, it is most often as simple as raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens.  So hear's my "Sound of Music" version of my favourite things, minus all the rhythmic poetic lines.

Quiet, still mornings. The sound of scripture pages turning and the sight of steaming coffee brewing. Time in prayer with my Maker.

Check out the snow we got last night, winters back with a vengeance.

Lovely plump velvety soft cheeks.

Long hot showers. Thought I would spare you the photo of this.  Since this mama hasn't hit the spa in a while and is certain not to for some time, the shower is my mini spa trip. Hey, if you make it hot enough, and throw some eucalyptus in there, it doubles as the steam room from Scandinave. oh, Scandinave...just a simply wonderful escape from reality...okay focus! Next.

Fresh pair of socks. There is just nothing like slipping on an unworn, unstretched brand new pair of socks.

Pitter patter of young son's feet on hardwood at breaking of morning's light.  Subtle cries of baby girls stirring, ready to start their exploration of the world.

Afternoon warm drinks, good books, and chunks of chocolate.

Great friends, fellowship and fun times.

Crock pot meals. The only thing better would be if someone came and chopped everything up and stuck it in for me.  This also happens to be sitting next to another favourite thing of mine, the coffee maker.  That sweet beeping sound when it's ready may just be one of the greatest melodies I've ever heard.

A good laugh, sometimes even if it's at my children's sake. For the record, this was Levi's work.

What are a few of your favourite things? I'd love to hear!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blank Canvas

Pictures, they capture a lot don't they? The happy times, the smiley times, the giggle times, the beautiful times, the fun times, the loving times; but not usually the more difficult times.  No, we tend to save those faces for ourselves, or those closest to us, don't we?  Well, at least I do.  All that to say that starting this blog certainly does open me up to those reading it, give everyone a closer glimpse of my reality, but it definitely doesn't always capture all of it.  There are moments of anger, frustration, discontentment, disappointment and bitterness to name a few.  But I try not to dwell on those moments, and certainly don't photograph them.  Needless to say you can feel free to read between the lines, keep it real, 'cause it ain't all sunshine, roses and smiling faces...

I had a fun bug the other afternoon.  Pulled out some paints that I had left over from another art project and decided to let my baby paint. 

Oh, and paint he did. Gone and went all Picasso on me.  Though I'm not sure if Picasso used potato stamps, but if he knew about them, I'm sure he would have.

He is not intimidated by the blank canvas.  He gazes at it fearlessly and without hesitation makes his first mark on that white stretch of void.  Amidst piles of laundry, dishes and diapers, I take a moment to watch him create.  I am merely a spectator, he needs no direction.   He doesn't look to me to for instruction, only affirmation and encouragement.  Part of me finds this difficult, when the day is mostly spent explaining, teaching, correcting. But I try to enjoy this break from parenting, and simply observe.  When frustrations run high, patience runs low and the sound of baby cries serenade your day, you truly learn to appreciate times like these.

I want to slow time, freeze it right here, savour this moment and all that it has to offer.  I look into those liquid blue eyes with hints of green dashing about.  They are full of excitement, wonder, awe.  I am thankful. So thankful, for this precious and wonderful gift.  I am beginning to understand the verse.  

Behold children are a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth. Psalm 127: 3-4 

A true reward he is.  He has taught me so much, and yet I still have so much to learn.

For now his masterpiece rests here.  Next to faith. Faith that God has great things planned for this boy. 

 Though perhaps you will see a junebugs art gallery one day!

There are a few exciting announcements:

Thanks for all those ( 3 of you!) who entered the fresh farm egg contest. The winner is.... Angie! Be sure to mention that you won through this blog, and call Kathy ahead to make sure there is availability as the hens take a bit of a break this time of year.

Also, I'm excited to show you a new nursing cover fabric pattern below.  This is a great unisex pattern.

Happy Saturday. Paint something!

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