Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Growing with baby cubes

As you know we are a DIY family.  We try a little of this and that here and there to save some money.  Sometimes it turns out well, other times not so great, but there is always a great reward in accomplishing things yourself, start to finish.  There is also great wisdom in hiring someone with experience to have it done professionally.  The trick is knowing when to draw the line.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Enjoying the weekend

If there is one thing I like about this summer heat, it's spending time outside.  Don't get me wrong one of the things I love about Ontario, is our four beautiful seasons, each of them coming with their own advantages/disadvantages.  But when it comes to my fav seasons ..summer baby, oh yeah.  Beach, beach and more beach.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Photo Post and Giveaway Winner!

When we sat down to dinner last night, I couldn't help but throw the whole "I love summer" comment out.  The sun, the warmth, the long just makes my heart happy.  In some sense, I feel it's easier to be a parent in the summer.  There is so much to do outside, trips to the beach, the waterfront, the farm, or just playing with the hose in the backyard.  Though you know I love this city, I also love the simplicity

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bad Mom

I think this post is for me more than anyone else, but hopefully you find some points that you identify with (as is my hope for most posts).  These are just a few thoughts that I’ve been mulling over in my head lately.  The important step of putting it down on paper, kinda solidifies the thoughts in my mind.  There are so many things that happen during the course of the day that make me feel like I’m a bad mother at times.  When I got to really thinking about it, It's not that I'm a bad mom, but I am the mom and that means making a lot of decisions during the course of the day, and I’m the one that makes them…for better or for worse.  So here are a few of my ponderings along that train of thought.  Hope you enjoy.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Photo Post and Giveaway

We've enjoyed a bit of warm weather this week, which has made for some fun times out on the deck....along with some great new tunes. A little while ago I downloaded the CBC music app for our ipod.  I've mostly been listening to the jazz and classical stations, but the other day I tried out the 'world music' station.  The mix is quite interesting...which for me is great.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Bracelet Styles

Sewing table update:
Here are a few bracelets I've been working on.  Please also view them here for more details.  I would love to hear some comments about your favorite style! Look out at the end of the week for another giveaway!



'Classic Paisley'

'Flutter Bird'

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

M is for Mother

If my high school English teacher was reading this right now, he would probably be cringing at the sight of this poem. Actually, he would also probably be surprised that I am even writing at all, considering how much I disliked it in high school.
I have no idea if it lives up to poem criteria, but I had fun writing it, so I hope you enjoy my little motherhood poem.

M is for mother
So marvelous and meek
Mindful and merciful throughout the whole week
Managing moment by moment and minute by minute at times
In the messy days, mopey days, miserable and moody days she minds
Making macaroni, muffins and meatballs most months
The task monotonous but merrily she presses on
Yes Ma'am she's a machine and works with all her might
But days when it's still not enough, she has God by her side.

Here's to my poetry debut!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Photo Post and Fabric Cuff Bracelet Winner!

The last few days have been a little crazy around here.  I feel like I could have gone to the farm everyday...but I doubt Edencrest would want me showing up at their place that often.

Here are a few photos of the happier moments of the week.  Hang in there t'ill the end to find out who the winner is for the fabric cuff bracelet.

* Goofy times in bed.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I love this City!

We moved to Barrie from Alliston about 2 years ago.  To be honest, I wasn't sure that I would like the bigger city feel.  Alliston was so cute and cozy, filled with little coffee and ice cream shops.  The main drag had friendly stores with owners that would recognize your face when you walked in.  So the thought of big and impersonal city didn't seem too appealing to me.  However, we felt that God was calling us here, setting all the pieces together and making it clear that it was the right move to make.  So off to the city we came...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sweet Grace

You know those days, when the day seems to be slowly rolling by?

So slow in fact, that the clock seems to be your worst enemy because every time you look at it, only 33 seconds have passed by and the minute hand hasn't even moved at all. Could it possibly be going backwards?  So, you resolve not to look at the clock anymore, because it’s not changing anything anyways, and only making you frustrated.  Secretly you peek at it every now and then, thinking, surely it must be close to lunch time.  These are the days that I’ve been up since 5:30, and at 8:47 the thought of another coffee seems quite enticing.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Photo Post and Giveaway!

Here are a few things we enjoyed this week:

* An informative life by design seminar by our chiropractor from Cafe of Life Chiropractic.  Lots of great information about living our life the way our bodies were designed to live.  He went into some detailed information about how are bodies work, which for me was just a huge reminder of how awesome our great designer is!
Talk to Sebastian or Katie to check out a seminar for yourself!

*Play time.  The random items in the diaper bag seem to always be a hit.  Which is my excuse for the reason it is always so messy and disorganized.  When they are done, I usually just take the heap of stuff and stuff it in the bag, and subsequently later end up shoving more stuff on top because I can't be bothered to sort through the mess that is already there. You just can't keep on top of everything in this house!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Celebrations and Thanks

We celebrated a friends baby girls first birthday this weekend.  I just love birthdays, and not only because of the cake...

The first birthday is particularly special.  This means it's been a year since this woman entered into motherhood, welcomed the pain, endured labor knowing that a sweet reward laid around the corner. And how sweet she is.

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