Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Photo Post and Giveaway Winner!

When we sat down to dinner last night, I couldn't help but throw the whole "I love summer" comment out.  The sun, the warmth, the long just makes my heart happy.  In some sense, I feel it's easier to be a parent in the summer.  There is so much to do outside, trips to the beach, the waterfront, the farm, or just playing with the hose in the backyard.  Though you know I love this city, I also love the simplicity
of just popping out to the front driveway and drawing with some chalk or throwing around a ball, or Levi's latest most exciting thing; looking at ants.  He says that they are going for a walk, which is a great way of looking at it.  To me, all I can see is what seems like aimless wandering to and fro in no particular direction.  I ask him where they are going, "home" he says.  Interesting.  Maybe they just have a round about way of getting there?  In any case, I love watching his amazement in the simplicities of life.  One of the great privileges of being a parent, reliving childhood, and seeing the wonders of life through a child's eyes again.

Thanks to some incredible girls from the youth group at our church, I'm heading out for a date night with my hunky man tonight.  No particular plans, which to me is kinda exciting.  Like back in the pre-kid day, when we would go out, and do whatever struck our fancy.  I'm open to some suggestions if you have some though!

I just have to say that I thought this field of dandelions was beautiful.  I makes me not feel so bad about the field of them in my backyard, they are stunning, when all grouped together.

I may or may not miss this cute little cheeky bottom tonight while on our date, but either way I know I'm not a bad mom.

Winner for the Crochet Hook Case is Cyndy! Congratulations Cyndy! I'll get that into your hands asap!

Have a great weekend.


  1. Some of my favourite date nights are where we have nothing planned and maybe even run a couple of errands. But we can talk and laugh and hold each other's hands instead of a wee one - just like the pre-kid days!

  2. Thanks for the comment Trish. Gotta love little reminders of the pre-kid days!


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