Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Photo Post and Time to Enjoy App

Here are a few shots of my big three year old boy.  I just love these mommy and me moments.  Times when the girls are fast asleep in bed, and I get to just soak up some time with my spirited green eyed those sparkling green eyes flicker with the excitement of discovery in the everyday. Away from all the distractions of electronics, we make our own little play zone in the front yard.  Simple ingredients, really, chalk + blank slate of pavement + little boy in pyjamas and mom = great memories.

We practised 'sad' faces, 'happy' faces, and 'silly' faces.  I just love all his faces.

Enjoy some chalk time with your kiddos this weekend.  Bring along your camera, and you're sure to get some great, fun summer shots and memories to last.


I was contacted a little while ago about writing a review for the Time to enjoy app.  I downloaded the app, and have been working my way around it and getting it figured out.  I love the idea for the app. It would have been really handy to have while we were visiting in Detroit.  I find the app very easy to navigate around, and simple to use.  It seems like the perfect 'rain day' app, great for when you are going stir crazy and just need a little help for ideas of what to do.  Here is a little idea of what to expect:

What it is: An app that helps you to locate activities and events in your area.

How it works: Navigate through the easy screens to pick your date and time and preferred types of  activities.  You can choose from 19 categories to narrow down your search for that day.  Choose from Movies, Sports, Kids/Family, Local Attractions, Night Life and many more.  Of course my search generally leans more towards kids/family since the night life is pretty much zilch lately.  I also like that you can set your search radius from a short walk of 200 feet to 50 miles.

I would love to see some more variety for local Barrie events, as I found it a little difficult to find much close to home, but I'm sure the Time to Enjoy team is working on expanding the app.

Download it today and use it for your next vacation, for planning days off or when family is coming to visit.  It's sure to be a great help in planning out the day, or for use around your local community!

Time to Enjoy has also offered my readers a chance to win a stellar prize so take a look below at the contest Rules.  I'm a little late on the draw, so you only have until tomorrow to enter, but hey, there is lots going on this weekend, so give it a try!

Download the Time to Enjoy App, Share it on Facebook and Twitter; Follow @timetoenjoy_app onInstagram then take a photo of an event you found on Time to Enjoyonto Instagram using hashtag #timetoenjoy_app. The contest will run from June 6th to June 30th.

The blog with the most Facebook comments that their readers have downloaded the app will win the prize mentioned above. One reader of all the blogs that participate will be randomly chosen to win a $500

gift card ­OR- a $500 total voucher for hotel and airfare on Southwest airlines. See here for terms and conditions

Happy Canada Day Weekend!

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