Thursday, June 21, 2012

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, It's back work I go.

Yes, the day has come, the dreaded time to head back to work.  I have to say, I was avoiding thinking about it as long as possible, but yes, the inevitable moment came, and until the sewing picks up a bit more, this is where we are at.  I'm back at Rachel A Clingen Wedding Design and Eventure Custom Environments.  It fits like an old comfortable shoe, because it was my position of ten years at one point.  I have the blessing of slipping back into a flexible position, working when Dale is off, and when we can co-ordinate childcare with my mom.  Because honestly, by the time you pay childcare for three kiddos, there is not much point in working.  I'm so thankful that I can lean on my mother in times like these, and it's also given Dale a great opportunity to bond with the babes.  When I know they are with their daddy or grandma it makes leaving them a little easier, knowing that they are in familiar hands.  I've also had to do the whole childcare thing, when I went back to work after Levi was born, so I understand that side of the coin too.  I'm taking a deep breath, heart a little heavy, a little torn, and stepping out in God's strength.  Cause Lord knows I can't do it on my own.  
What does that verse say?...
 " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" 
Philippians 4:13.  

Right, all things.  Not some things, or certain things, all...period. 

Honestly, I'm still feeling quite scattered right now.  There are so many hats that you seem to wear as a mom, and now adding on the work hat, stretches things a little more. There are some days that I have enjoyed being back at work, having a break from the everyday, and others where for whatever reason I'm just longing to be home with my babes. Those are the days when I come home, and their cheeks seem a little fuller, their shoulders a little taller, feet a little bigger and fingers a little longer. The days when they seem to have grown a few months older, all in one day, and I feel like I've missed out on so much. There are also the days when they are not overly excited to see me when I get home, which is a good and a bad thing for me. Good because it means they've had such a great day that they haven't even noticed I was gone. Bad (for me) because they didn't need me. But, I suppose that is a whole other lesson in itself. So I'm taking in this stage, good and bad, working on trusting Him more, because He holds all these plans in His hands...and He does know best.  How to grow me, shape me, and change me.

Being back to work certainly does make me appreciate the days home with my babes.  Yesterday, we enjoyed some time at the beach with some friends.  Boy, it sure is work in itself, packing up for the beach, but the reward was just so sweet.  Time off with them, feels like more of a luxury now, a vacation in itself.

Later yesterday evening, I enjoyed a dinner out with a friend.  It was a night filled with great food, fun conversation capped off with a waterfront walk with ice creams in hand. What more could a girl want!?

I'm excited to show you the most recent sewing table project, and ipad bag!  This was made up with some fabric that I picked up in the states. Check it out here for more details!

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