Friday, June 15, 2012

Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig & Friday Photo Post

On the last lag of our Chapman Family Special Trip, we needed to fuel up before the long journey home.  Okay, so it was only about 4 hours, but with three kiddos, it might as well have been a trip to Florida.  

When we checked into our hotel the night before, we noddled with the idea of ordering a late night pizza.  If you know anything about Dale, it's that he has a serious passion for food, especially pizza.  So when we stumbled on Buddy's Pizza's website, we nearly caved, but unfortunately they were closed, so we agreed to stop in on the way home. After all, they were voted top 5 in the nation! So it was a little off the Primal diet that we have been trying to stick by lately, but when in Rome...

Let me tell you, this pizza did not disappoint.  It was absolutely delicious. As perfect as pizza gets, this side of heaven.  Here is my official review.

Crust: Crispy, light and chewy.
Cheese: Stringy & gooey.
Toppings: Chalked full of flavour, perfect amount, great combinations

The staff wonderful, especially to us... that family.

We will be returning to Buddy's Pizza again when we are back in the Detroit area.

Thank you Michigan, for a great visit and accommodating our Chapman Family Special Trip.  We will visit you again soon!


Here are a few shots from our trip to Barrie Hill Farms this week... oh and the fry picnic that we enjoyed on the way home.  Our picnic blanket was a little small for us...I think this might mean a quilt in the near future.

 Primal Coconut Cream Pie

Check out the fabric that I scored in the states and at my favourite local quilt shop.  I would LOVE to hear some suggestions on what you would like to see come out of this Fabric...I have one ipad bag on order that I'll be making this weekend, but besides that I'm open to ideas!


  1. Ohhhh...BEACHBAG please! Love the last one on the right (paisley I think). And that second one on the left (red & white) looks great too, but could you send me a bigger pic? I would do a tote bag or another cuff in that one maybe. I accessorize with bags as a mom now since I have at least one with me wherever I go now at all times! Thanks Jos!

    P.S That pie looks RIDICULOUSLY good by the way ;)

  2. Cyndy RegelingFriday, June 15, 2012

    I love skirts, skirts, skirts! Any of those large prints would be fab as a cute summer skirt. Top it off with a nice bold colored tee and a Dotti Potts necklace....too cute :)

  3. Thanks for the great ideas Ladies! Pen, I will send you a closer picture!..I was thinking of trying a tote bag...I will give that a try!
    Cyndy...maybe I'll try a skirt too! Thanks for your comments girls...they are a real encouragement to me.


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