Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Levi's Motorcycle Birthday Party

Biker Tatoo Parlour

 So here's the thing, Dale and I love to dress up for parties.  We actually have accumulated enough themed clothing to have a separate dress up bin...and it's getting a little full.  So there has actually been serious talk about buying a tickle trunk...just sayin'.  We are serious dresser uppers.  So when the idea came to mind to have a motorcycle themed party for Levi's 3rd birthday party, I ran with it, or should I say rode with it.

'Mean' Biker dudes

The inspiration came from our little guy of course.  He just loves motorcycles, of any type, size or sound.  He is very quick to point them out wherever we go, and quite excitedly I might add.  So I brainstormed with my sister in law, Lindsey, about ideas. There were a plethora of them (we are both just a little excited about birthday parties).  We kept things fun but simple because I wanted to be able to spend as much time celebrating with my little man as possible.

Fireworks Prep

Biker Nacho Bar with Dirty cheese 
Little Biker Chic- Actually kept her glasses on all night, couldn't believe it!


More tatts, he was plastered with them by the end of the night...they still have yet to come off.

Motorcycle scavenger hunt- Hidden in all over the backyard.

My brother brought over his motorcycle to let the kids sit on it, and take little rides around the backyard, this was definitely a highlight.  Levi was a little scared at first, but he warmed up to it...a bit.

More tattoo's...they kept on comin' all night.
Littlest biker dude
Biker colouring station

One of my favourite parts- singing 'Happy Birthday'.  No time to shed tears, I don't think that biker chicks do that, I had to stay in character okay?!
Just some biker shenanigans while waiting for cake.

We capped off the night with some fireworks, prepared by my brother.  We had to set them off a little early cause the kiddos were gettin tired, but they didn't seem to mind that the lighting wasn't quite right.

Loot bags made up for kiddos with crayon wallets and colouring books

It took Levi about an hour to calm down from the party...which to me is a sure sign of a night well celebrated.  Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us.  If you need any dress up clothes, you know where to come.  

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