Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Photo Post- Friendship

I enjoyed a visit from a high school friend this week.  It was great to catch up, and hang out.  It's amazing how times change and we went from hanging out in my bedroom listening to Brandy, talking about boys trying on mom's old clothes, spreading face masks and being goofs to talking about babies, swapping birth stories, wiping bums, listening to little boys play and the changes that motherhood brings on.  I can't tell you how many remember when...moments we had, and it was so fun when we.. conversations.

Here we are years later, babes and boys in hand, diaper bag in tow, but still the same friends.  So the topics have changed and the pace is a little slower then it once was, but our friendship picked up right where it left off.

We don't see each other nearly as much as we would like, but there is this unsaid understanding about the craziness of life, and how time can go by so quickly without even a phone call.  But isn't that the best part about friendship, it's there, just waiting to pick up where it left off.  I love that. Looking at this picture reminds me of all the self portraits we did back in the day with braces, piercings, and maybe some questionable makeup applications.  Just brings a smile to my heart.

Poor little bean was a little exhausted after his play date.  Fell asleep mid-dinner.  But then of course when I went to put him to bed, he was wide awake.  Seriously?! If I could have a 2 minute nap and bounce right back to insane energy, then I would have them all the time!

Speaking of friendship, I'm heading out to our small group women's retreat tonight.  It's gonna be a great time to grow as a group and have some smashing good fun.  Dale is going to be watching the kiddos, so pray for him, if you think about it!!

I'm sure there will be lots of this going on while I'm away, since the weather has been so crummy.

On another note, Y'all know I love a trip to the farm, and I'll be heading to Edencrest Farms on Sunday for their open house.  Come check it out!  There are going to be wagon rides and lots of vendors set up.  Come over from 10-2.  Farm visit coupled with shopping., what more could you want!?  I'll be missing meeting with our church, but com'on over after church (if you attend one), let the kiddos sleep in the car (if you have them) and enjoy the scenic drive to Edencrest.

I'm outta here, with only one small bag in my hand!

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