Biography and Inspiration

Josée Chapman is a fun-filled wife, mother of three, will-try-almost-anything-entrepreneur, with a flair for design.  She enjoys spending time with family, coffee dates with friends, writing, creating new experiences and finding God’s joy in the everyday moments in life.  She carries a strong background in design, having worked in the event industry for over 10 years, with the award winning Rachel. A. Clingen wedding design and Eventure custom environments team.

In the winter of 2011, after the birth of her twin girls, she founded Junebugs Fashions. This was a combination of the desire to provide an income so she could remain at home with her children, and challenge herself in an area outside of the realm of parenting.  The inspiration for the name (Junebugs) was birthed from the blessing of her three children, all born in the month of June. 

Junebugs Fashions explores the realm of all things sewn.  Josée enjoys the challenge of new patterns and creating unique designs of her own, working with various forms of textiles.  The countless colours, textures and patterns of fabrics, inspire excite and enliven her creativity.   Junebugs Fashions products range from nursing covers, crayon wallets, tote bags, clutch purses, fabric cuff bracelets, and aprons.  Josée welcomes the opportunity for custom orders, stretching and forcing her to imagine, experiment and have fun.

Josée Chapman endeavors to see Junebugs Fashions continue to flourish into a successful company, that could perhaps provide opportunity for others who would desire to stay at home while raising a family.  

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