Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Busy Blessed Weekend

I mentioned on Friday, that I was heading out for a ladies retreat...and oh what a sweet retreat it was.  The parents of one of the ladies in our group graciously offered up their stunning home in the woods for us to enjoy for the night.  I got lost a few times on the way down, but I think it was mostly due to the distraction of the crazy loud music that I had blaring in the car.  To be honest, I didn't mind getting lost.  It didn't really matter where I was driving, I was a free momma for the night!  

The luxury of being able to belt it out with tunes playing in the car, doesn't come around very often, due to sleeping babies, or Levi watching Veggie Tales.  Most car rides I'm singing along to "His Cheeseburger", so really singing along to anything without cheeseburger in the lyrics is very refreshing.

We enjoyed a raclette for dinner.  For any of y'all that haven't feasted on this type of dinner before...Do It!! And by that I mean soon, very soon, as in this weekend, or tonight even.  Beg, borrow, buy a raclette set and have at it.  I am so glad that my lovely dutch friend Cyndy introduced me to this most delicious way of eating.  The ladies are already conniving about how we can have another excuse to gather and enjoy this delightful meal once again.  We're thinking that if we all go in on buying a raclette set together, them we will always have to get together and share it at the same time.  Good idea?! I think so.

The night was of course not complete without a sweet treat.  So our dear friend Cathie blessed us with a fabulous ice cream cake from Baskin Robins, filled with none other than my favorite ice cream- World Class Chocolate- As the site describes- A tempting mix of white chocolate flavored and milk chocolate mousse ice creams.  I would just describe it as a little piece of heaven (or a big piece, depending on how much you like it).  I can only imagine what heaven will be like, standing in awe of my Saviour, kneeling in his presence, but I wonder if perhaps there will be ice cream breaks with world class chocolate ice cream?  That's what i'm thinkin'.

The rest of the weekend was filled with some sessions from the dynamic speaker Beth Moore on Loving Well, lots of tea, coffee, nail polish, hot tub, more ice cream cake, a beautiful nature walk, and more Beth Moore.

I love LOVE this small group.  I was sad that there were a few ladies missing, but I think we are all in agreement that this needs to be repeated again!

My heart was beating a little bit faster and my foot was a little heavier on the gas peddle on the way home as I made my way to my man and my babies.  I was welcomed home with smiling faces, and warm hugs from little bodies.

Saturday night we headed out to The Great Mclellean adventure, a silent auction fundraiser for a family at our church with a need to install a wheelchair lift in their van for their son Sawyer.  It was an incredible evening, with a little over half of the money raised for the lift conversion, and the following portion of the funds raised the following Sunday morning.  Praise God!

I won tickets from the raffle to see these improv. guys on Friday night.  The Modern Day Gypsies are just plain side splitting hilarious, and I can't wait to get another glimpse of their humor on Friday night.  Join me! It's sure to be a blast!

The Mclellean family, and the funds raised at the slient auction.

On Sunday, I headed out to Edencrest Farms for their open house.  The weather was nothing short of nasty, and there weren't a whole lot of folks out, but you know what?...I got to spend some time with just me and my momma.  We huddled under the roof our our little tent, sound of rain and clucking chickens surrounding us and chatted about life when she was young.  I love those moments when I feel like I get to know my mom a little better.  As if I haven't known her my whole life, and still don't know everything about her.  I love hearing about her dating days with dad, when she was in college and stories about tanning with coke and baby oil.  I love just being friends with her.  Makes my heart smile...a big teeth showing smile.

I made up a whole slew of new fabric cuff bracelets, check them out here.  Contact me for your order today.  Keep in mind that these babies ship in a regular envelope, so shipping is very reasonable!

At the open house I picked up some sweet lip balm from Skin for Life.  I just simply love it!  I hardly have to use any to get great coverage, and it has the most wonderfully delightful smell and feel on my lips.  The perfect blend of peppermint and vanilla.  Skin for Life is located at the Vitality for life center in Barrie.  They also has some wonderful treatments and other creams to choose from. Visit them and pick some up today, you won't regret it!
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