Saturday, June 9, 2012

Friday Photo Post-1 day Late: Chapman Special Family Trip

On Tuesday night, we packed up that mini van of ours and high tailed it outta' here.  We headed off on an adventure called the 'Chapman Family Special Trip'.  I was unaware of our destination, only knowing that we we headed somewhere into the U-S-OF-A.  A trip to anywhere would really have sufficed.  I found out that we were going on a surprise trip last Saturday.
Jos " Should I try to work next Thursday"
Dale " Umm... no because we're not going to be home"
Jos "What do you mean?"
Dale "We're going away"
Jos "Really?! Where?"
Dale "To the states"
Jos "Ummm... I don't have a passport"

So off to the passport office we went.  We juggled Levi between some friends and Aunt Heather, and packed up the girls with us, thinking that the twin factor might gain us some advantage, such as...bumped to the front of the line advantage...not so, but they were troopers.  Get to the passport office in North York, about an hour away, only to discover that we don't have all the paperwork done properly.  We drive back to Barrie, then back to the passport office, and wait another hour to speak to the passport clerk.

Passport Lady "When are you travelling"
Me " We're hoping to leave tomorrow"
Passport Lady " Where are you travelling to"
Me "Well, see here is the thing...I don't really know. Well, It's in the states somewhere"

I go on to explain about how my husband has planned a surprise trip for us, to which she replies, stern faced, "just write down that you are going to the states". I handed her a hotel confirmation that Dale printed off, saying where we were staying, yes...without looking at it.  This girl loves surprises.  I found out later that it was a phony, because we were staying at Dale's sisters place, just outside of the states.  So Dale reserved, then cancelled a hotel room, so we would have proof of travel. Ingenious. She certainly wasn't a very pleasant lady, but then, it was towards the end of the day, and perhaps she was sick of everyone telling her where they were going, and just wanted to get away herself.  Either way, we left the passport office with passport in hand at 4:00.

End of passport background story, and back to the 'Chapman Family Special Trip' here in to be called CFST...cause I just don't want to type that out any more. We arrived at Dale's sister's close to midnight, unpacked the kids and snuggled in bed with Levi cuddled between us.

We enjoyed our visit, watched babies play and pull hair and toddlers dance in the rain.  Our friendship, is one of those that pick's up where it left off.

Wednesday morning on the CFST we drove down to the States to check out some shopping opportunities.  I, myself, was having one of those - nothing fits properly, can't find my size in the one thing I actually like - kind of shopping day, but the fabric store...well, that was a no brainer.  Can't wait to show you what I have planned for the new prints I picked up, just a little excited for that!

River view drive over to Port Huron- Worth the extra time!

What is it about crossing the border that is so intimidating? Dale wanted to take pictures, but for some reason I thought it might be illegal... pictured us getting pulled over, guard rooting through all our clothes, throwing my drawers out on the side walk and twins crawling all over the interrogation room while Levi was pulling on the guards pants asking to go pee.  So I begged Dale not to take pictures.

We pulled into the States, unscathed and un-searched....drawers still in the suitcase.  We pulled in for lunch and left a heap of a food mess trailing behind.  Remember when you were young, and you saw that family at the restaurant with food scattered thither and yon, with babies crying and toddler whining...yah, we were that family.

This is my "what on earth are you doing?" look.

The swan caravan light LX decided to break mid shop, resulting in emergency repairs, whilst twins screaming their brains out cause they hadn't napped all morning and Levi, again, which I hand the ipod to temporarily amuse him...yes, again, that family.  I honestly don't even know why anyone is smiling in these pictures...we were ready to lose our minds!

We made it back across the border to Chatham, and rested after a busy day.  Shopping with kids is just not what shopping used to be.  I was flat out pooped.

Levi and Brooke playing in a sudden rainstorm.

As the CFST continues...we said farewell to our friends and crossed the border once again (starting to get over the border crossing fear by now, but still no photos taken.), and stopped for a bit more shopping.  Not too sure why, considering how much of a disaster the first experience was.  Pooped, we trucked our circus into a hotel for the night.  Once again, staying in a hotel with kids, not what it once was.

On Friday the CFST continued and we headed over to the Detroit Zoo...more on that in another post. Tonight, we are going out to celebrate my man's birthday, and on Sunday we will be celebrating the girls first birthday. June is an expensive month in this house!

Have a blessed Saturday!

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