Friday, July 6, 2012

Catching up and Exciting Announcement!

I've been focusing on a lot of sewing lately, and haven't made much time to post, since my fingers have been busy pushing fabric through the sewing machine, and my mind wrapped up in new designs and ideas.  I'm excited to announce that I will be having a booth at Kempenfest this year.  I'll be sharing the booth with the creative Angie Armstrong from ARA Gifts.  We are both just a tad enthused about the idea of having a booth at the show, and for July will be madly creating and sewing our little hands off until that first weekend in August rolls around.  You'll have to wait until the show, to see the new products that I'll be until then, I shall keep you in suspense (I'm sure you are holding your breath as you read this!).

Here are some catching up photos from the past week.

I always love going over to my folks house this time of year.  School is out, Mama is done work for two months, which means I get to soak her up as much as she will let me, but most importantly, it means that mom brings home all of her 'thank-you-teacher-goodies'.  Usually chocolate, coffee gifts cards, and sweets of all general sort, which she happily shares of course... ah-hem!  This year, I was quite impressed that she received a hand-made blueberry pie from Murphy's Homestead.  A pretty sweet gift if you ask me...pun intended.  As for the coffee gift cards...well, we will just have to take care of those, now won't we?

One of my other favourite things about visiting at mom and dad's is that there are toys, lots of them, and the children seem to forget that they exist in between visits.  This always makes for a relaxing visit, when they are consumed with a cornucopia of exciting 'new' toys.

This week I braved the beach, on my own, with the three kiddos.  I think I deserve a badge...a big sparkly one, with a blue satin ribbon and a shiny gold plated metal attached to it...just sayin.  But, all joking aside, going out by myself with the three beans last year would have been impossible for me to even imagine.  So the fact that I went to the beach and let them out of the stroller was huge for me.  And it was such a great experience, it's sure to repeat itself!

The bear is back to life again, latest thing is that he needs no diaper, this little dude goes right on the potty.  I will grace you with a picture of that soon!

Went down for some festival in Barrie last weekend.  I love this city, and that practically every weekend in the summer there is some sort of festival going on, and always exciting things to see.

One of Levi's highlights was the chicken man.  I just loved the name that he gave him, and his excitement.

You always gotta respect a man with a unicycle, now that is talent.

I'm loving the sunsets and sunrises lately...simply stunning.   Well, I'm off to watch Dale and Levi set up camp in the backyard, and camp for the night.  After that there will be a bit more sewing by candlelight!

Happy Friday y'all!

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