Monday, July 23, 2012

What we've been up to

It's been an awfully long time since my last post, and while I have a few ideas for some more meaningful posts brewing, a simple post will have to due for today.

Here's what we've been up to:
*I braved fabricland with the three kiddos.  They had some incredible deals on this past week, culminating to a 50% off the whole store on thurs, fri and sat.  I've been eyeing up some fabric to make some drapes (for when I get the courage up to make-over our bedroom) so it was a perfect time to pick up the fabric. And the three kiddos did amazing in the store (with lots of mum mums and the ipod).

Here is a little sneak peak of
the fabrics that I picked up. I've decided to give you a little kempenfest preview on the Friday before, so you know what to expect at the show, and if you don't fancy anything, then just come by to say 'Hi' anyways!

*Caught baby girl snuggling on Levi's chair in his room

*Asian orange chicken marinade...delish!

*It's amazing how fast a mess can be created while I'm out of the room. All I heard were giggles. I should have know they were up to something.

*Playing in an empty pool...seems to be just as much fun with no water in it...hmmm...good idea for winter time.

* Gotta love the 'just woke up from nap' face.

*I'm loving photographing the stunning skies. I think I could have a separate blog with just pictures of them.

*Enjoying walks to our field.  There isn't really much that is eye catching or phenomenal about this field.  The grass is dry, brittle and sun scorched, there are flecks of garbage strewn all over it, there is no shaded areas to take refuge from the beaming hot sun, but it is our field, and we've made some incredible memories there. This is where we got caught in a storm, where we chase seagulls, where we play airplane, where we throw some funky dance moves and fly around like birds.

*Kaela is working on learning how to stand on her own, and looking like she is going to take some little baby steps any minute. Baby girl is making memories in this field too.

It's ordinary, yet extraordinary to us.  Like a mini narnia, I see the trees dance and welcome us as we come around the corner, and I hear songs like this in my head as we trek up the hill to the rusty red gravel path. The hot sun shines on our faces and we welcome the warmth.  The plain prickly grass field lies there, waiting for the next adventure. Like so many things, it is what you make of it, how you see it, and what you do with it that makes it special.

What's your special place? Where do you make memories?  What ordinary things do you make extraordinary?

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