Sunday, July 8, 2012

Making Memories

As I type this, I'm sitting at my parents house, in the chair that I used to write all my university essays in, typing on the old keyboard, with it's all familiar clicking sound.  I'm back at my folks house for a few days whilst the hubby is out camping with some man friends from his small group.

We're making memories this weekend. Celebrating the fun times in life, because they are worth celebrating, and because we have been given some incredible gifts from God.

The other night I had the incredible pleasure (seriously), of watching some friends kiddos so they could go on a hot date.  The ironic part is that you would think that I would want a break from kiddos, after being with my own all day, but honestly, I was excited to hang out with them.

 Wyatt's version of me with a beard.  Guess I've got to get to the spa and get some things taken care of.

Dale and Levi enjoyed a camping night outside on Friday night.  They were forced inside in the morning, by a crazy thunderstorm, but besides that, they had a great time.  I love this special time for them to make memories, and bond together a little closer.  It just warms a mama's heart, brings some happy fluttering feelings in my tummy.

 *Note to time don't let toddler run with hammer... Bad idea written all over it.

Mama's birthday was on Saturday, so we celebrated Starbucks style, with a trip to Bradford Greenhouse.  This time, the few hours spent with just mama and me brought of course more lovely warm fluttering feelings in tummy. Our little trip made me reflect on how much our relationship has grown over the years.  It's quite amazing how perspective changes everything, and makes you appreciate those around you a lot more.  I can remember when I realized that my mom was human. Cried, had feelings, and challenges of her own.  When I realized that marriage wasn't as cut and dry as I thought it was, and the solutions that I would so strongly advise to her, were so ill-advised, and immature.  When I grew to appreciate all the sacrifices she has made and continues to make for me as a mother, and grandmother.  Always there to help, love, listen, and put others first, again and again and again.  My heart was so happy in those two hours under the hot greenhouse sun.  The bright blooms of flowers reflecting the beauty and friendship that has grown between us.  I can't say that it has always been this way.  In my stubbornness, pride and know-it-all attitude, I pushed her away in my adolescent years, yet in moments like these I am thankful for God's grace shown through her to me.  Thankful that when I came to apologize years later, for the hurtful things that I said, or attitudes that I had, that she had already forgiven me. Thankful that we persevered- that she was so patient with me and now have a beautiful relationship to show for it. I love you mom.  If I've never said it before- Thank you. I can't wait to make more incredible and beautiful memories with you.

We headed back home with a trunk-full and a heart-full.  The expression "We need to do this more often!" was heard quite a few times.  

Back at the homestead, we ordered in and chowed down.  There is nothing that says birthday, like not having to cook, and hardly having to wash any dishes.

When all the family gets together, we have started a tradition of after dinner sunset walks.  Usually it's because we are all so full, and need to walk off some room for desert.

Now that we have room for cake.  Here is the story: The first cake got...shall we say demolished whilst trying to ice it. Small fight ensued between Dale and I over said mess of cake, so we decided as a joke to bring it out to mom.  It's all about making memories, and this cake is certainly memorable.  So was the fight, that ended with Dale, Levi, Averie and myslef with a handful of cake smooshed into our faces- wish I had a picture to show you, but there was cake all over my hands of course.

You know what...she honestly thought it was hilarious, and that it was the real cake, which is even better.  Then we brought out the real cake.

 The second version, was slightly better then the first.

I would love to hear about some of your mother/daughter (or son if you are a dude) moments.  They are precious, memorable and ever changing over the years.  Worth writing down, and remembered.


  1. Josee, I've been reading your blog for some time now and it's really beautiful, as are your children. What you wrote about your relationship with your mother tugged a little at my heart. I too, remember realizing that my mom is a person with her own feelings and insecurities, which actually made me admire her even more. Now that I live far away and I cherish the moments we've had as "friends" - and can't wait for the next time I get to visit her. Jenn (Harvey)

    1. Hi Jenn,
      Thank you for the touching comment. It brought a smile on my face when I read this. Thank you for sharing with me, and thank you for reading!


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