Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Photo Post and Giveaway!

Here are a few things we enjoyed this week:

* An informative life by design seminar by our chiropractor from Cafe of Life Chiropractic.  Lots of great information about living our life the way our bodies were designed to live.  He went into some detailed information about how are bodies work, which for me was just a huge reminder of how awesome our great designer is!
Talk to Sebastian or Katie to check out a seminar for yourself!

*Play time.  The random items in the diaper bag seem to always be a hit.  Which is my excuse for the reason it is always so messy and disorganized.  When they are done, I usually just take the heap of stuff and stuff it in the bag, and subsequently later end up shoving more stuff on top because I can't be bothered to sort through the mess that is already there. You just can't keep on top of everything in this house!

Levi enjoying his crayon wallet

* Story time on the couch.  I soak up the sweet times that we get to spend one on one.

* Little hooligans are making there way up the stairs already.  Just gotta keep me on my toes eh girls!

* Dancing in the rain.  Boy, brothers got some moves.

Let me clarify that dancing outside in the rain is permitted in our house.  Dancing naked outside in the rain however, is not permitted.  That would make for some cute entertainment for the drivers passing by.  There are underwear under this shirt.

* Watching my two boys play hide and seek

*Sweet glimpses of summer weather.  I love the fresh after rain smell that filled the air.

* Fixing our busted bed.  Okay, if you must, insert your funny jokes here as to why the bed is broken.  I however, will not comment on the matter.  The bed is fixed now, end of story folks.

* Stunningly spectacular sun setting skies. Yes, that whole sentence was comprised solely of words starting with s. Try it, it's fun.  Well, at least my version of fun, which a lot of times is quite corny.  I will stop now. It's the whole broken bed thing, it's got me all flustered. Enough. Please enjoy this photo.

One person will be selected at random for a free cuff bracelet of their choice. Winner will be announced Friday May 11.
So leave a comment, you know you want to. Free Shipping included! 

Kiddos are in bed, and Mama and a movie are waiting downstairs.  So I bid you adieu.  Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. love you Josee, your blog, your sweet kiddos & your fabric bracelets are fab as well! xo

  2. I second what Ms. Rebekah said! Love the pic of the girlies on the stairs...sneakkkyyy! :)

  3. Cyndy RegelingFriday, May 04, 2012

    Josee...your family has so much joie de vivre :) hope you enjoyed the movie!

  4. Kiddos bring so much joy to a home :) Love it when they are celebrated!

  5. I look forward to reading your blog while I feed Ethan when he wakes up in the morning with my java! Its a refreshing start to my weekend :) Your babes are growing up so fast! But Pete and I at least get to watch them through your fabulous photos. Love your springy!


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