Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Enjoying the weekend

If there is one thing I like about this summer heat, it's spending time outside.  Don't get me wrong one of the things I love about Ontario, is our four beautiful seasons, each of them coming with their own advantages/disadvantages.  But when it comes to my fav seasons ..summer baby, oh yeah.  Beach, beach and more beach.
Although trips to the beach certainly were not what they used to be.  I had a chuckle when we went to the beach last week and I was eavesdropping on some other mamas chatting about the good ole times. "Remember when you used to go to the beach with nothing but a bathing suit, towel, book and sunscreen?...and stay all day just basking in the sun and going for swims?" She stated, all the while pulling on a bathing suit for one child, then applying sunscreen to the other, while holding hats in between her legs.  Okay, so I was being nosy, but I honestly don't think they would have minded.  And had I been a little bit closer, I would have added in with "yes, sistah.  I remember those days well"  If I could talk to that 18 year old me, laying on the beach, soaking up the rays, not having to look up every two seconds to make sure that you're toddler isn't escaping and your girls aren't eating another handful of sand, I would say " do this more often, all the time, whenever you can"  But aint' that the beauty of perspective.  It's easy to look back now and think about all the "free" time I had, and how I wasted so much of it, sleeping in, watching movies at home ect. but at the time, that's what I wanted to do.  Who knew that free time would ever be so precious, so sparse, so valuable.  You value time differently when the demands of parenthood are constant, and a lot of "free" time is spent washing dishes, folding laundry or putting the toys away for the umpteenth time.  I suppose that's why people look forward to their kids growing up, moving out and "getting their life back"....but don't you worry, I am enjoying this time, and all that it has to offer, one beach day at a time.

I most certainly enjoyed this weekend. As I always do when Dale is home, and we get to spend lots of family time together. Here's a little recap.

*On Friday we got together for a walk, starbucks pit stop, and trip to the park.  Well, we thought we were going to the park, but sadly it was closed for improvements, right at the beginning of park season?!...okay, that was bad timing people.  So we settled for a brief picnic.We got interrupted by a rain shower, quickly packed up the kids, and ran back to the house.  Did you know that a double stroller can actually hold three children?  I squeezed the twins in the back, and stuck Levi in the front, and high tailed it outta there.  That must have been a sight, a caravan of mommas sprinting with strollers and flip flops.  No dull moments in parenting folks, we keep things exciting around here.

*View from our Friday date night.  I haven't sat out on the patio in Barrie yet, but y'all now I love this city, and well the view and food was amazing....and the hunky man sitting next to me?....well, we'll just keep it PG okay?

* Saturday night, I enjoyed a cameraless night with coffee date followed by Joshua Seller and Merideth Andrews concert.  Thoroughly enjoyed both! Also enjoyed a  fab dinner on Sunday night with the fam, walk to the park and me lookin' like a goof playing frisbee...well perhaps I did not "enjoy" the latter quite so much.

* Although our pool time was on Monday, I'm just going to lump it in with the weekend...because it just went by too fast, and it still felt like the weekend to me.  It took some serious coaxing to get the girls into the pool coupled with a few dumps from the kettle, but even after that, Kaela was just not interested, so she settled for poolside view.  My kinda girl.

Tell me about your weekend...your pre-kid beach days, and if you don't have kids, what your favourite thing is to do at the beach.


  1. Cyndy RegelingTuesday, May 29, 2012

    The pool pictures are my favorites! Delightfully simple fun.

  2. Somehow I was excluded from the beach day...and the poolside fun?! What happened there?



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