Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sweet Grace

You know those days, when the day seems to be slowly rolling by?

So slow in fact, that the clock seems to be your worst enemy because every time you look at it, only 33 seconds have passed by and the minute hand hasn't even moved at all. Could it possibly be going backwards?  So, you resolve not to look at the clock anymore, because it’s not changing anything anyways, and only making you frustrated.  Secretly you peek at it every now and then, thinking, surely it must be close to lunch time.  These are the days that I’ve been up since 5:30, and at 8:47 the thought of another coffee seems quite enticing.

On days like this, a change of scenery is what is best for everyone.  So I pack up all the babes and head up to the farm, leaving behind the dust bunnies and dishes.  The options with three babes are limited when I'm on my own.  I can't just sling both babes on my hips, and hold Levi by the hand at the same time, so the location needs to be stroller and toddler friendly. The farm is the perfect place.  Lots to look at, relatively stroller friendly and plenty of room for Levi to run around.

On the drive over, I breath deep breaths of fresh spring air and soak up warm sun on my skin.  I count my blessings, name them one by one.  In the hustle and bustle of the morning, I've forgotten that He is there, knocking on my heart’s door, wanting to take away the burdens of the first few hours of the day.  I breath Him in, and let go.  The trials of the morning melt from my mind, and I am renewed in His strength.  Oh, how strong He is!

We pull into the farm, and I unpack the gang with the sun warming our backs and farm smell permeating our noses.

We make our way to the chickens, and I enter again into the amazement of God’s creation through a childs eye’s.

 Oh, how captivated he is by their presence.

“Look! Chickens dancing!” he says with excitement while he mimics their movements.

“Yes buddy, what a fun dance!” I reply .  We chat a little about how God gave them all their beautiful colours, made them each unique and gave them their sweet dance moves!

We move on to the rest that the farm has to offer, seeing His beautiful creation in it all. 

I have the constant smell of farm in my nostrils; the smell of manure, soil covered hide... this creation tainted by sin. I wonder, perhaps manure would have smelled sweeter, less pungent before sin came into the world?  Or perhaps, I would not have perceived the smell as being so rank and vile.  It would have smelled as fresh as spring air, or sweet as blooming flowers.  What would have been like?  How everything would have been different.

My sin, is it as rank as this smell?  My subtle lies, doubting heart and wandering mind...could it be so putrid in His sight...in the sight of a holy God?

Ah, but then there is grace.  Grace that covers my sin.  His death for me on the cross that takes away the stink of sin, so that I can stand in His presence and all He smells is sweet grace.

It is incredible how there are reminders of Him everywhere; if you look....He will point the way.

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