Friday, January 6, 2012

Eee ii, Eee ii, Oooh!

Lately we've been heading out to some local farms to purchase our eggs.  We are big on supporting our local farming community, and  it's always sure to be a fun trip. While it is a bit of work to get the kiddos rounded up, I welcome the moments of quietness in the van as reward.  For our mini road trip, this time I headed to Lover's Creek farm.

Going out for an extended period of time without Dale isn't always easy; I needed backup...just in case.  Thank goodness for PC Organic Rice Rusks!! The girls can sometimes get a little rowdy when the van isn't on the move.  And that cute little Giraffe to the right, where did I get that you might ask?... Well take a look here.

Located in Springwater, the drive to Lover's Creek is a mere 15 mins north of Barrie.  It's owned by Kathy and Mark Hall.

Magnificent blue jays perched on the bird feeder welcomed us as we pulled into the Halls' driveway.  Their colouring as the blue sky on white snow. They are breathtaking. I just love those birds.  Wish I could have captured a shot of them, but they are quick and I'm not;  unless we're talking about catching spit up, or falling sippy cups before they hit the ground.

The girls patiently waited in the van, while Kathy, Levi and I went to check out some of the farm's animals.

Fields of untouched snow surround the rustic, worn barn.  A peaceful quietness lingers in the air.  The silence only broken by crunching snow under wet boots.   Approaching the barn, I feel like a kid again!  It's not that I haven't seen a cow before, but the adventure lies with sharing the experience with my son.  He is captivated.  They welcome us with their moo's, and he peaks with excitement.

I just love this lil fella.

 As we head back to the van, Levi spots a small tractor.  Probably more like a lawn mower, but hey sometimes it's not about the details.  Kid loved the thing, so I popped him up for a "ride".

Kathy and I continued to chat on the way back to the van.  She is such a sweet, kind woman.  We could have sat and talked over tea for the afternoon... and perhaps we will some day.  I expected to hear cries from the van as we neared closer, but to my surprise as I opened the door Kaela and Averie sat quietly, inquisitive eyes looking around.  

And here are the spoils of the trip.  Yes, there are three dozen eggs, we like us some eggs in this house!

So take a drive someday and visit Kathy and Mark.  You're sure to be captivated by their kind hearts and beautiful farm just as I was.

Take a look at their blog and learn a bit more about what they have to offer.

Kathy has graciously offered a dozen free fresh farm eggs.  Please leave a comment below to be entered in the draw. Tell me what your favourite local spot is for farm fresh food.
Contest Closes Sunday Jan 15.
Winner will be chosen at random.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Ohhhh! You know I love a good farm trip :). I don't really know what my fave one is...I need to do this more. Does it count if Ive been to Rounds Ranch and loved it? Ha. I'll just have to go with you for my eggs.

  2. Yes! Eggies! Love Edencrest and their deliciously yummy maple butter, but you already knew that. :)


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