Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Weekend

It was a stunningly beautiful weekend and I found everything to be very photogenic and picturesque. There are lots of photo's and few words for this post, so hang in tight, here we go.

Friday night the littles and I bunkered in for the night.  We had the pleasure of aunt Heather coming for a visit.     I settled those wee precious girls snuggly into their beds as Aunt Heather snuggled on the couch with Levi to enjoy a movie.  The sandman came knocking on Levi's door as he sat still, fixed on the show.  He's like his mama, busy, busy, busy, and when he does finally sit, sleep hits, hard.  Instead of giving in, he needs to keep moving, to push off the sleep. The movie will wait for another day. We snuggled him under fresh cool sheets, and he gave in.  

Saturday morning, we drove out to Mom and Dad's for a long overdue visit. On the drive, the sun shone brightly on snow covered fields, revealing diamonds scattered near and far.

Their house rests nestled amongst fields rustling with brittle corn stalks.  The sun shines amidst the thick of the fields, radiant and proud.

Inside, young son beams with excitement, as brightly as the sun outside.

Sun breaks through window panes, illuminates the floors below. We welcome the warmth.

The savoury smell of home made soup permeates the house.  We discuss scriptures, and the sweet words of Jesus permeates our souls.

I leave filled in body and soul.

On Saturday night, the family started a study on the book Give Them Grace by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick & Jessica Thompson.  We have only read the forward so far, and are already craving more of this book.  It should prove to be an excellent resource.

The littles are crawling...Averie's got it nailed, and Kaela is still working out some kinks. All in all, it makes for some fun times in the Chapman household.

I'm not sure what it is about these two, but I always find them hanging out together.  He seems to be more drawn to Averie, though Kaela is closer to his personality type. Opposites attract? Time will tell.

 The sewing table was busy on the weekend.  So as promised, without further adieu, may I present the crayon wallet.

Great for keeping little hands busy at the doctors office, in the car, or just when mom would like a tea break.  Take a look at them here for more details. More styles to come!

Happy Monday. Enjoy the rain!

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