Friday, January 20, 2012


Yesterday morning started off well. Swimming lessons in the morning with our friends Angie and their son Wyatt, then I headed to the farm mid morning for some eggs.  The drive out was quite peaceful, I may or may not have stopped for a decaf and warm cinnamon roll on the way out.  After picking up the eggs, the van was so quiet and still that I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to enjoy and bit of tranquillity.  I figured the three bugs would have a siesta in the car, and I'd enjoy some time for reflection.  I'd love to say that I had some great epiphany or deep revelation while on my little trip, but I mostly just enjoyed the sound of crunching snow under tires and the sight of tired, worked fields sleeping under still snow and magnificent blue jays dancing on tree limbs.  With the babes sleeping soundly, I headed home, and proceeded to get into a funk. You know, those funks that just seem to affect everything, and you just can't even really nail down where it started or why. 

Funk dwindled when the husband walked through the door.  Just needed a fresh face to look at I guess.  Then I realize, should have turned to Jesus' sweet fresh face instead.  Something to work on. Despite trying to muster up and shake it off, if I'm honest I slipped back to that funk for the evening, when I should have left it at Jesus' feet. I spent some sweet time in prayer this morning doing just that.  I'm unfunked...for now.

We have discovered in some recent months past, that toddlers seem to want to touch everything. So, we invented a new way to keep those little paws in one place. Thought I would share. 

Little fella is a houdini, figured it out in about 2.5 seconds. Back to the drawing board.

There's a new project brewing in the sewing room, so look out for a  new product after the weekend.

Happy weekend!

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