Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blank Canvas

Pictures, they capture a lot don't they? The happy times, the smiley times, the giggle times, the beautiful times, the fun times, the loving times; but not usually the more difficult times.  No, we tend to save those faces for ourselves, or those closest to us, don't we?  Well, at least I do.  All that to say that starting this blog certainly does open me up to those reading it, give everyone a closer glimpse of my reality, but it definitely doesn't always capture all of it.  There are moments of anger, frustration, discontentment, disappointment and bitterness to name a few.  But I try not to dwell on those moments, and certainly don't photograph them.  Needless to say you can feel free to read between the lines, keep it real, 'cause it ain't all sunshine, roses and smiling faces...

I had a fun bug the other afternoon.  Pulled out some paints that I had left over from another art project and decided to let my baby paint. 

Oh, and paint he did. Gone and went all Picasso on me.  Though I'm not sure if Picasso used potato stamps, but if he knew about them, I'm sure he would have.

He is not intimidated by the blank canvas.  He gazes at it fearlessly and without hesitation makes his first mark on that white stretch of void.  Amidst piles of laundry, dishes and diapers, I take a moment to watch him create.  I am merely a spectator, he needs no direction.   He doesn't look to me to for instruction, only affirmation and encouragement.  Part of me finds this difficult, when the day is mostly spent explaining, teaching, correcting. But I try to enjoy this break from parenting, and simply observe.  When frustrations run high, patience runs low and the sound of baby cries serenade your day, you truly learn to appreciate times like these.

I want to slow time, freeze it right here, savour this moment and all that it has to offer.  I look into those liquid blue eyes with hints of green dashing about.  They are full of excitement, wonder, awe.  I am thankful. So thankful, for this precious and wonderful gift.  I am beginning to understand the verse.  

Behold children are a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth. Psalm 127: 3-4 

A true reward he is.  He has taught me so much, and yet I still have so much to learn.

For now his masterpiece rests here.  Next to faith. Faith that God has great things planned for this boy. 

 Though perhaps you will see a junebugs art gallery one day!

There are a few exciting announcements:

Thanks for all those ( 3 of you!) who entered the fresh farm egg contest. The winner is.... Angie! Be sure to mention that you won through this blog, and call Kathy ahead to make sure there is availability as the hens take a bit of a break this time of year.

Also, I'm excited to show you a new nursing cover fabric pattern below.  This is a great unisex pattern.

Happy Saturday. Paint something!


  1. Great post!

    I have so much to learn from you...


  2. YAY! I won!! Sorry I didn't post earlier. I was too busy making a robot cake :). Thanks so much. I love eggs. :)


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