Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Goodbye January, Hello February!

Friday night delivered. It wasn't until I entered the van sans kids, that I realized I really needed this.  Did I think about the little babes filling beds at home, of course, but it was a break from the typical evening routine, and well needed.  Not only was it a great girls night out, but it was also a fabulous celebration for the women that graduated from teen challenge.  The three graduates each took turns telling where they had come from and how they got to be in the mess that had become their lives. Boldly, they proclaimed how Christ reached down and brought them to salvation through faith in him, and in doing so, saved them from their addictions. He healed their souls, healed their hearts, healed their minds, healed their bodies. He is the ultimate healer.

Jewlery handcrafted by the women from teen challenge.

As I neared home, I found myself going faster and faster. Heart racing I entered the home front.  Dale looked, well, tired.  The little junebugs didn't sleep all that well. Big shout out to Jeremy for weathering the storm with Dale and the bambinos.  Two dudes, interrupting their movie about every 15 mins to deal with baby girls... that's true friendship right there my friends.

Saturday morning we drove out to Dale's folks. Aka. My other mama and papa.  They've always been this to me. Just like my own.

Baby girls made themselves at home. Made a wreck of the place before we knew it.  Spit up all over the carpet and dogs water dish flooding the kitchen floor. Grams didn't mind one bit.  She was just so delightfully excited to have her little girls, son and daughter for a visit.  We had a great time catching up, we didn't want the morning to end.

We headed back home for afternoon tea at Lindsey's place. Visit her cute little blog here.  I started feeling a little odd, but just passed it off for hunger. We finished up tea, and trucked over to Armstrongs to celebrate the birth of two very special little beans.

Now that I look at these photo's, they're not lookin' so little any more.  Where did the year go?! They went and got all grown up on us. 

 I just love the friendship growing between these two lil fellas, brings a tear.

Angie is probably one of the craftiest ladies I know and a super cool mom.  Check out this owl cake. Sista rocked that thing. Flat out amazing.  Sadly we didn't get to enjoy any because I had to rush out and start a nasty pukefest at home, but I'm sure it was delish.  Yes, sadly the flu monster caught me. Thought I had escaped that mean fella.  I spent the night in the bathroom, with a candle to light my path.  Two years in a row now, in January, I've had the pleasure of meeting up with Mr. Flu.  Needless to say I'm glad to say goodbye to January and hello to February. Month of Love. Hey speaking of which, if you are looking for a unique gift for your lady, check out Angie's beautiful cowls and scarves. Your beauty is sure to be impressed!

Onward into February...sure to be full of lotsa shenanigans. I just love that word.


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