Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I find it interesting that we don't really know too much about Saint Valentine himself.  The fella got this day of love named after him, and according to wikipedia all we know is that he was born on April 16, and died in Rome on February 14th.  In fact, we didn't even know if the day is named after him or other saints with the same name.  Did he love? Was he loved?  What did he love?  How did he love? One thing is for sure, he loved Jesus. He died for it.

It's a great day to remember all sorts of love.

 Levi's home made valentine for Daddy.

Young love: Dale and I were reminiscing the other day about the old valentines days, when you would tape your envelope to the front of your desk and wait for the cards to pile in...hoping that a certain someone would put there's in.  If you didn't happen to catch them putting it in, then you'd hope that they slipped it in while you weren't looking.  Ah the good old days, love was simple back then...when did I make it so complicated?

Sweet love: I made these for Dale and I to enjoy after the kiddos went to bed.  Well, best laid plans didn't pan out.  Dale was not feeling so hot after round two of the flu and headed to bed early.  Not too worry though, they were well taken care of.  Love is eating them for him, so he wasn't tempted.

Family love: There is not much quite like it.  The older I get the more my love grows for my kin.   It has a lot to do with gaining new perspective as the years pass.  Loving and appreciating the little things more and more.

Pure Love: The love that Jesus has for us.  The ultimate love.  He is love, that's why he loves us...pure and simple.  I love him in return, because of what he did as a love offering.

Now that I'm looking for it, I'm noticing love all over the house.

I'm really enjoying this song about love lately:

How did you spend your valentines day?  I'd love to hear about some of your favourite types of love!

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