Monday, February 13, 2012

Enjoying the weekend.

Dale is downstairs minding the three wee ones so I can quickly write this post. So here goes!

Enjoying this weekend:
We made the most of Dale having a bit of time off this weekend; stretching it as far as we could.

*Going for walks and catching snowflakes on our tongues.  Friday afternoon's softly falling snowflakes beckoned us outside.

Followed by homemade hot chocolate topped with marshmallows of course!

* A trip to the library.  One of his highlights was the elevator.  This picture totally captures the moment of him taking in all the sensations. I have to say I enjoyed the elevator more than usual. It was exciting to experience it through him.

The first book we found was I think the biggest in the whole library.  Hopefully he won't ask to take one of these home one day.  I can't really see it coming back the way it left.

Thrilled to find the French section in the library so that we can practice a little more at home.  There is a whole world of resources there that I had no idea about.  I also can't wait for the reading terrace to open up on the roof.  It should make for some great dates with my little man.

* Surprise date night with my hunky man.  Thought we would try out milestones since it just opened, but the wait was over an hour, Moxies same thing. So we headed downtown and ended up At the Five. We expected it to be packed but it was hardly even busy.  Live music, incredible food, fantastic service, amazing date...sigh...loved it.

Night cap...and learning how to use my v-day present... a new camera. Yeah right...sista's got it made over here.  Seriously loved by her man.

Chocolate cake in bed...what more could a girl want?

*Sunday afternoon smiles and play time

*Take out for dinner with friends.

Yes it will. Enjoy your monday!

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