Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fires and Donuts

I was holding one of those baby girls the other night, snugly against my body, hers curving into mine, nursing her back to sleep when I realized, she went and got all grown up on me.  It seems as though time with the twins has literally flown by. It floats, flutters, soars and swoops.  I close my eyes, taking in all that this moment has to offer.  The sound of her gulp and swallow, quick shallow breaths, warmth of her sprouting little body, soft warm cheeks against my skin and tiny fingers resting on my chest.  While most of the moments whiz by without my noticing anything at all, in this one, it stands still and these are the ones I hold on to.
In keeping with my new years resolutions of appreciating this time, Levi and I have started a new picnic tradition.  We lay baby boy's (I can still can him baby) blanket out on the floor in front of the lit fireplace and gather some snacks and drinks.  It's a precious time for us to chit chat and spend some one on one time.

Snuggles with dad on the couch, what more could a girl want?  This was one of my favourite things when I was little.  Averie is starting early. Baby is gonna steal this man's heart. She's already on her way.

Winterfest was on this weekend, so we packed up the crew and headed down to the waterfront.  Warm starbucks in hand of course!

The once busy pier rests over crystal ice awaiting the hustle and bustle of summer to come once more.

Willows sleep at waters edge, lying in wait for the warmth of spring to sprout young fresh buds.

As it has been a mild winter, I wasn't too sure how much of a "winter" fest we could expect to see. The crew was still able to pull off the ice sculptures, mazes and snow slides.  I spotted the ice maze before Levi, and I have to be honest, I'm glad I have a kid as an excuse to run in the maze.  Though we could see the path out because the ice was only about 4' high, I loved to see Levi's excited face as he ran through it, mitted fingers glazing over slippery ice.

Leaving the maze,we soon spotted a lumber jack show.  These fellas are seriously comited to providing some good entertainment. So, the idea is that team A needs to throw a double sided axe onto a target and collect a certain amount of points before team B can start a fire and bring water to a boil.  Fearing for my life, I didn't get a photo of the axe business going on to my left.  However, directly in front of me were the woodsmen working on the fire.  They skilfully build the base, start the fire and construct a platform, place the can of water on the fire and quickly encompass the can with wood.  This is the best part. They both lay on the ground on each side of the fire, systematically taking turns blowing fiercely on the fire.  The heat and flames rise, as their bodies start flailing from the flames.  I'm thinking, what a bunch of goofs.  Who lays down right next to a blazing hot fire and continues to blow on it to increase the temperature.  Then I think, I'd sure like to have these guys with me if I was ever stranded in the Arctic.


Check out this sweet slide.  The only bummer is that the wasn't much sliding going on, more like butt skooting the whole way down.  I had visions of taking a hose and flooding the slide with water, then watching the kids fly down the hill.  Making the fence surrounding it have a real purpose, in keeping the children from dashing out onto the road.

Yes. You. Are.

Prime time entertainment right here. Should have had him D.J at our wedding.

Prime time snacks right here.  Worth every overpriced penny it costs. These puppies came fresh out of the fryer, dusted with sugar and into my mouth.

Just have to say that I love Barrie.  Always something to do, always full of surprises.

Happy Wednesday! Make a fire and eat some donuts. It's sure to make your day. Even if it's just lighting a candle (poor man's fire) and eating a Twinkie.

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  1. That picture ALMOST describes how I feel about those donuts!


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