Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Winds of Change

Winds of change are blowing in, both literally and figuratively.  I love this time of year.  The change of temperature brings with it a great sense of excitement and anticipation. We wait for new growth to spring up out of the last mounds of hardened snow, refusing to yield to the sun and melt.   I feel for those mounds of snow.  They remind me a lot of myself at times.  Refusing to give into an area of my life that I need to surrender until the real heat comes and I have no choice but to melt…give in…give up…give it to God.

I have been surrendering and changing in the mothering realm.   I’m settling in,  getting more comfortable, giving up and giving in.  It strange to think that it has taken me this long to sink into my mothering role, like there was something better waiting around the corner, something a little more worthy of my time.   When I did realize that sense of peace in my heart about motherhood, along with it came guilt; that all these years I’ve missed out, failed, neglected to be where I should.   I love my three little junebugs, but somewhere between breastfeeding, bum changes, building towers, and reading books over and over and over there comes a sense of mundaness.  So I guess what I’ve surrendered to is that it’s okay to feel like that some days.   Not everyday is going to be full of smiles, easy, happy, and exciting but everyday will have it’s rewards, the key is recognizing them and appreciating them for what they are either big or small.


It has been a great week, with lots of productivity in the sewing room in preparation for Bloom.  What is Bloom you say?...Well it’s an event featuring some local Barrie artisans that would like to showcase their talents for you to view and purchase should you choose.  Check out the facebook page here for more details. Angie and I recently got together to discuss said event, over Starbucks of course.  Listen, it was strictly business okay.

We’ve started using the phrase “Mommy is going to work”, which I used to dislike hearing, but the fact that work is in the basement, only a few steps away from my babes is incredible…and Lord willing, hopefully it will stay this way.  When we use this phrase, it means that I get some mostly uninterrupted sewing time while Dale spends time with the babes.  Honestly, I very much enjoy listening to them giggle and play together.  Okay, perhaps at times there are some cries, but I try to ignore them, after all, I'm at "work"!

This week also featured a spontaneous trip to the library.  5:2 children to adult ratio wasn't the best scenario, but hey, we can rally right Ang?  The visit started off well as we enjoyed some reading time in the castle building.

We wrapped up reading time, grabbed some books to bring home and headed down the elevator.  The trip had gone fairly well...INSERT: toddler escaping story...  Levi took off, running through bookshelves with serious studiers sternly looking on. I couldn't exactly yell at Levi to stop.  Well,  I suppose I could have tried to whisper it loudly, but I doubt that would have had much affect.  I take off after him with the security guard looking on with a quizzical humorous look on his face...as if "don't worry lady, this happens all the time".  And then it happened, somewhere between leaving the girls with Ang, and in mid run after Levi... I had it...a weak parenting moment.  Just the thought of everyone watching me run after my toddler, looking down every aisle of books, seemed hilarious.  So I got an ear to ear smile.  One of those 'there-is-nothing-that-you-can-do-to-stop-it-but-cover-it-up' kinds of smiles. I covered my mouth with my arm during my fit of laughter attempting to declare to austere on lookers that it wasn't funny that my son was disrupting their serious study time.  I regained composure, and caught up to him and held on to him until we got to the van.  Note to self...don't let go of the toddler.

Swimming lessons wrapped up this week.  He has grown so much during the past 9 weeks.  Becoming a little less fearful and a little more daring.  I'll miss watching those two boys play in the water.

We are opening our windows, and bringing in the fresh air these past few days.  Looking forward to watching new growth rise up from the ground and in our hearts this coming spring.

LAST CHANCE to enter the giveaway for the crayon wallet.  Thank you to all those who have so far.  Your words have been extremely encouraging to me!  Winner will be announced on friday's post.

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