Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bloom Artisans

I'm really looking forward to Bloom on Saturday, and I hope you are too.  As promised, here is a little introduction to those who will be showcasing their talents for your viewing and buying pleasure.  I would love to show you photos of everything that these lovely ladies have to offer, but that would just ruin all the suspense, now wouldn't it?!

 Carla deWinter

I have loved drawing and painting since I was a little girl. I went to school for Fine Arts a while ago, but only recently really got back into it by taking watercolour lessons. I have truly been enjoying learning the techniques. My goal is to glorify God by combining scriptures with the things I paint, and by creating greeting cards for people to use and pass on the blessing of God's Word!

Karen Dobbs is currently completing her Fine Arts diploma from Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario.  She has lived, worked, and now studied in Barrie with her husband since they got married in 2007.  Art has always been a part of Karen's life, building up foundational skills through high school and then later through various painting classes and now through the Fine Art program at Georgian.  Her first love will always be painting and exploring the details of God's creation, but being in full time studies has broadened her appreciation for all mediums and areas of the arts, including sculpture and printmaking.
      Throughout all her paintings, she uses colour and the exploration of mark-making to portray the subject matter, be it landscape, to flowers or abstraction.  Her goal is to allow the creativity of God to work through her to share beauty and light in a dark world and she is looking forward to the changes and growth still to come in her artwork.

 Jamie Dawn Hanson- Dawning Jewelry

As a wee bonny lass I found myself a journeyer in the undying quest of consummate creativity. As I grew so did my great longing to create with my hands. That is precisely how I ended up being 16 and selling my own lovingly handcrafted jewelry and accessories under the name 'Dawning'. I began my business at the age of 12 and have supremely enjoyed every moment since! My products include natural stone, metal, re-purposed material, wool and 
leather jewelry. I'm positive you will love my products as much as I love making it for you!
Check out her facebook page here

Tracy Anderson:

 I completed Manicure, Pedicure and Gel Nail courses last spring and started my own business out of my home.  I home school my son, my daughter is at college in Cambridge and I love to be with my church family on Sundays at Harvest!

Sheila Burgess:

For those of you who don't know me, I'm the type of individual who needs immediate feedback - in everything! Capturing things years ago on film was just too slow for me. When digital photography came along - which gives immediate feedback - I was hooked again. I literally can not wait to get home from doing a photo shoot so I can see what moment I have captured. People recently have asked what kind of photography I do - and although I haven't really found my niche yet, I lean heavily towards nature....I just love capturing God's creation as I combine it with my other hobbies (which would include any single sport like running, kayaking, cycling, hiking, gardening).

Angie Armstrong: Ara Gifts

Angie is the wife of Mike and mommy to two beautiful littles!  She loves being home with her babes and this was the first inspiration to get 'crafty'!  It started with a mug cozy and has moved to scarves and baby clothes.  Angie is committed to making unique, handmade and affordable gifts for your loved ones or yourself of course.
Check out her blog here.

Josée Chapman: junebugs
As long as I can remember I have been crafting with my hands.   Growing up I can remember brushing my fingers along the stacks of fabrics waiting to be formed into beautiful works of art.  The colours textures and patterns, inspire, excite and enliven.  Staring at the fabrics forces me to imagine, experiment and have fun.  Although it can be intimidating to try new designs, I'm always up for an adventure!  So I will sew, and we'll see where it goes!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!


  1. Bloom was so much fun! You should all be proud of yourselves....the way you execute the talents and creativity God planted in were all totally blooming!! Smiles, Cyndy

    1. Thank you for the beautiful note Cyndy!


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