Saturday, March 3, 2012


Encouragement, the word literally meaning to bring courage.  With courage, supporting someone, through the good times, bad times and everyday times.  It takes courage to encourage.  Make an effort, be there, in a sistas here and I’ve got your back kind of way.  We spur each other on, through God’s strength, cause this sista knows I ain’t got nothing without him working through me. He is the source of all courage, and bless His heart, he chooses to use me to show his courage, love and grace. 

I can be courageous through him, because he showed the ultimate example of courage; in sweating it out, bleeding out death’s curse on the cross and suffering through it all...for me.  Thankful and grateful, I want to show his courage to others.  Not in a “you can do it, you’ve got this” kind of way, but in a “Christ Jesus can do it, God’s got this” kind of way.

Practically there are various ways that we bring, show and accept encouragement.  It’s not rocket science.  Hold a baby, shovel a driveway, write a letter,  wash some floors,  squeeze a hug, sacrifice something or some part of you.  Yet, I find this so hard at times, to give it up, give up the me and my.  Ah, and then I remember, it’s not mine to give up in the first place, because it all belongs to him.  The courage it takes to give up and encourage someone else, well, that just brings it all full circle...where it belongs...back in his hands.

Lately, I’ve been encouraged by witnessing kindness to others.  Through quiet soft words, whispering, He is here, you are okay, you’re in His hands, how can I help?...I love you...He loves you.

Through words of cheer and confidence, full of heart and full of His grace.  Gifts for my three babes, bringing smiles to my heart and sunshine to my day.

Sweet treats showing his sweet love for me, when he brings home a box of these. 

Because the man knows that I gaulk and drool over this place every single time we drive by it, secretly dreaming that he would do something like this...and boy, did he deliver.  Said he couldn’t decided which flavour to get, I’m just glad he was indecisive, more for me to enjoy!  Eating all of them in a 24 hour period, perhaps not my best choice as of yet. But sometimes you gotta live up the moment...and hey, I wanted to encourage him that it was a good choice....because can’t say I’d be discouraged if history repeated itself!

I’d love to hear how you have been encouraged in the past days, weeks, months, years.  Who, how, when, where, why?
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Happy Weekend! Encourage someone this coming week.  Consider perhaps making a card, writing some sweet words, making a sweet treat, making a meal, holding a hand, holding a baby or holding a broom! 


  1. Why didn't I see this post unti now! So great. You have encouraged me and my babes many times...getting the boy snacks, squeezing my littles, grabbing a Starbucks and staying until they practically have to kick us you girl!

  2. i love your blog.
    and how you introduce yourself, how God is your strength through it all.
    it is very humbling,
    and i am blessed to know you and your beautiful family.

    Share time also.
    let me share this verse with you.
    it is my favorite

    " Micah 7:7
    But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.

    Bonne journee :-)


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