Friday, March 16, 2012

Quick friday night post and giveaway winner!

I'm squeezing this post in on the last little bit left of friday!

With the incredibly warm weather we have been having this week, there have been lots of walks.  I'm certainly enjoying the ease of quickly throwing on a sweater for everyone and just running out the door in contrast to the intense winter get-up.

One distraction tool that we've been using with the girls lately is celery sticks.  They are great to keep them busy when they get bored on the walks.  Through we realized shortly after our wednesday walk that Kaela was presenting a bit of a rash around her mouth.  I shrugged it off, thinking she might have just had a small reaction to one of the bijillion things that an 8 month old sticks in their mouth.  Well, this morning it had intensified quite a bit. I went to see a great friend who used to be a paediatric nurse before making the dreaded wait at the walk in clinic.  She suggested we wait it out a little bit and try some polysporin.  I talked it over with Dale today, and apparently there is a reaction caused by certain vegetables, including celery when coupled with sun exposure causes a blister like skin reaction. Celery + sun = not happy skin.  Go figure!

 It doesn't seem to be bothering her, no fever and no spots anywhere that's what we'll do, just wait.  I think this is one of the toughest parts of parenting, is watching them go through something when you can't take it away from them, and they have to just deal with it.  Of course we're helping her as best we can, but I can't remove it and all I can do is hold her tight, tell her it's gonna be okay.  Tough lessons.  No doubt one we will both learn over and over.

The sewing table has been busy this week and I'm excited to show you a new product that I'll be showcasing at Bloom. Ta-da....

 These are my new ipad covers/tech cases.  I will also be making up some ipod/iphone cases as well.  I will be adding a new page with all the 'tech gear' that I'll be providing.  I'm still finalizing a price, but thought I would share a few designs that I have made up so far.

Stephanie Marsh! Let me know what design you would like and I'll get it into your hands asap

Have a great weekend!

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