Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bloom recap and thank-you's

Wow.  Bloom was an overwhelming success!  It was a great turnout with about 75 people in attendance and approx $180 donated to our local pregnancy resource center with the funds collected from the draw for the gift basket.  Thank you to all those who donated towards this!  

I was so impressed by the wonderful displays that everyone put together for Bloom.  So impressed in fact, that while setting up Friday night, I realized that I had been putting so much thought into everything else for the event, that I gaped on what my display would look like.  I scoured my house when I got home, and put together what I could on Saturday morning.  We were blessed with a beautiful day.  Streaks of sunshine danced through the windows surrounding the DeSota's beautiful home. 

There was a lot to take in at Bloom.  Beautiful handmade jewelry hung on tree branches, stretched canvases painted with elegance and printed with fine photographs, knitted and crocheted garments and cowls, detailed handmade cards, pampering treatments, fabrics sewn into stunning scarves and more.

We could not have had such a successful day without the help of so many kind friends.
  • Thank you to Jeremy and Carla DeSota for opening up their home and letting us over-run it for two days. Helping with set up and tear down all with a 11 month old in tow!
  • Thank you to Emily Dugard and Tahlia Coros for welcoming each of our guest with your beautiful faces, and reminding us about the draws for door prizes.
  • Thank you Amy Ninkovic for your love, support and design help.  For your great advice during set up, and help with the food station.( Hanna too!)  For printing the biographies for each vendors table.
  • Thank you Diane Armstrong for help with set up, take down, food preparation.
  • Thank you to all the vendors, your level of professionalism and incredible displays.
  • Thank you Angie for all the collaboration and putting up with me.
  • Thank you to everyone who attended an supported all of these wonderful artisans.
  • Last but not least, Thank you Lord, for instilling such beautiful talents in all of these ladies.
There is much talk going on about a fall event...so please stay tuned for details on this!

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  1. I love this and I love you! I loved putting this together withYOU! Twinies, a 2 year old and a sick hubby...are you super woman? What fun we've had. Love.


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