Monday, April 23, 2012

Storm & Calm

I have a confession.  I have totally been slacking lately, quite obvious due to the lack of posts of late.  There has been a sense of calm surrounding the house, and admittedly I've been taking advantage of it.  Though, there was a storm before the calm.  I'm not a sailor, nor have I studied meteorology, however in my simple observance, I have noticed calms after storms.  But...I'm gonna go ahead and mix up the expression, because sometimes you just gotta go against the flow.

The storm before the calm, was most definitely last weekend, when we did the whole "let them cry it out" thing with the twins.  As a dear lovely friend kindly pointed out I had yet to have 8 hours of consecutive sleep since the girls had been born, and this was a problem.  See, the whole reason we got together, was due to my emotional state at the time; meaning I was a complete wreck.  I recall having a meltdown earlier in the week, simply because Dale asked me why I bought a watermelon. Yah, I was a little tired.  

Dale had been asking me for months to do the "cry it out" deed.  I flat out didn't want to.  I convinced myself they needed me, there was a reason they were waking up, something disturbing their little bodies causing them to wake up.  So I would nurse them and stick them back in their crib. Trouble is, this is times two of course, and for 10 months I had on average 5-6 hours of sleep a night, but broken into two hour intervals.  For someone who is a sleeper like myself, broken sleep is just not the same.  Yah, mama was a little spacey.    The first night was the toughest. Thankfully Levi was at my parents, so I was able to separate them into two rooms.  I put them to bed, then they started crying about 3 hours after that.  I went in, checked, picked up, then she stopped crying.  I knew nothing was wrong and put her back down.  Repeat for twin two.   If I was going to put them through it, I needed to rough it out with them, so we stayed up, until they fell asleep.  This resulted in 5 hours of consecutive sleep.  Yahoo. New woman in the morning.  We started the deed Friday night, and by Sunday night they were sleeping 9 hours.  I am so grateful to my dear friend who encouraged me to "man up" per say and get it done.  My only regret with this whole process is not listening to my husband, and doing it sooner.
***Insert disclaimer here.  Every baby is different and you need to do what your mama gut tells you to.

With a little more sleep under my belt, I've been enjoying the calm of this past week.  Play dates with friends, dinner dates, hot dates with my man, and fun dates at the park.

We savoured the taste of warm weather on Friday leaving us with a taste for more.  Solution for four kids in the house.  Outside.  That's what we did when I was a kid....couldn't come back in except for pee breaks and lunch.

I love the summer previews in spring.  The warm sunny days mixed amongst the cool overcast days.   They give us hope for the warm weeks of summer to come, filled with trips to the beach, basking in the hot hot sun, sand in the toes, melting banana popsicles in hand and warm grass under feet.

We've had a myriad of butterflies gracing us with their presence in our backyard lately.  Butterfly conservatory, pffftt! Sista's got one over here in the backyard, free admission, and unlimited hours.

You gotta love those sweet moments, the ones that make your heart sing and your lips smile.  Keep these in your backpocket, you never know when you'll need them.

I've been letting the sewing table take a break, spending time with Great Grandparents and my sweet man.  These times are precious and priceless but there is a balance to maintain, so this week I have lofty plans to get a few projects done.  Look out for the new products by the end of the week.

Tell me, what have you been spending your time on lately?

Great Grandma with the girls

Finally got a chance to get all the kiddos with Great Grandma!


  1. have a fabulous collection of pictures. They capture both the enthusiasm and innocence of your precious wee ones. I always smile as I read your blog :) Cyndy

  2. I so appreciate your comments! I can't wait to get started on your projects this week!


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