Monday, April 9, 2012

Long Weekends

We always enjoy long weekends over here.  Although Dale works in retail, and the hustle and bustle of the store on the days leading into the holiday can be exhausting, we welcome the extra day off as reward.

When these bonus days roll around, I find myself wanting to maximize every moment.  We should do this, finish this project, spend family time, take a nap, try that new recipe and relax with a movie at night.  While we did accomplish a lot of that, we certainly weren't able to cram it into one day, it slowly unfolded over the course of the weekend.  Though in my mind it seemed like it could all have been completed in a day.  Best laid plans...when will I learn that life with three babes can always throw you for a loop, tossing curve balls coming from directions that you hadn't anticipated, and yet, there in lies the beauty. In the unexpected.

This weekend, though not as planned, was full of lots of excitement.

*Visits with family, oh how I love them. Dale's mom is my other mama, always has been since Dale and I began.  Soft smile and warm hugs, she just makes my heart happy.

* Time out with friends sans babies.  Thanks to the brave girls who watched, yes, all six children.

I was just a little excited.

* Morning snuggles.  Averie has taken to wrapping her finger around the top of her nose when sucking her thumb.  I call it the hook. So cute.

* Afternoon walks and pursuit of forest squirrels.  The simple amazement of a child in the everyday never ceases to stop me in my tracks, and make me smile.  It reminds me to appreciate the little things that much more, because when you really look, there is so much to seize and admire.

* Mini photo shoot.  Look at him workin with the camera, he's a natural.

* Play time with Grandma.  I love catching the sweet times between them.  A lot of times, I just love to watch.  Then she will catch me, flash a mama smile that says "I know, I love moments like these too".
Dale was working the late closing shift, so I rented a chick flic for the gals.  We snuggled those babes into bed and the comfy couches welcomed our tired bodies for a moment of rest.  It wasn't a sleepover night, but equally as enjoyable.

* Welcoming strong, warm sunshine through window panes.  I couldn't help but think of this verse:

..."his face was shining like the sun in full strength" Revelation 1:16

We spent Friday morning mourning Jesus' death. His sacrifice for our sins, for yours, for mine.  Ah, but the celebration that took place on sunday, of the victory that he had over the cross and death, that is where the true power is.  And I imagine his mighty face shining brightly as pictured below when he showed up to the disciples, triumphant over the cross, death and the grave.  This is truly what the weekend was all about.

* Warm home cooked meals.  Cause you know there aint nothin like mama's cookin.

* The thrill of the hunt.  Sharing this new tradition with the little man, was perhaps just as exciting for us as it was for him.

* Afternoon book reading and snuggles.  Father/son moments, they just melt my heart.

* Taking on a new project.  While I did have tonnes of other lofty crafty plans for the weekend, I did at least manage to complete one. Check out this new fabric cuff bracelet. I've been dreaming it up for a while and i'm sure there will be lots more styles to come.  I'd love to hear feedback about it!


  1. You are so talented, Josee! I am looking at that very cool bracelet wondering how in the world do you make something like that! Great job!

  2. As always Cyndy, your kind words lift me up!


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