Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Catching up- Cuban Style

While I have been super slacking on the blog, I promise there has been lots of progress on the sewing table and I'm excited to share that with you soon.  In the meantime, its about time that I shared a few photos with you.

Just after Spice, Dale and I headed out for a getaway, sans babies to Cuba.  Yes, one week, no changing diapers or waking up with a toddler during the night to pee, laundry or making meals.  Just a break from the every day, with my man, where there happens to be a beach.  What more could a girl ask for?!

After the excitement of Spice came to an end, and the reality of leaving my babies for a week really settled in, I started feeling a wee bit anxious about the whole thing. I had been so focused on all the planning and sewing prep for Spice, it kept my mind very occupied with the anxious thoughts somewhat lurking the the background.  With the flight just around the corner, packing, meal prep and so on to start, I began to think about possible excuses for which I could stay home.  It all sounded quite reasonable in my head, though need not be repeated, as time has proven that they were a tad bit insane.  All of those crazy thoughts culminated with the decision that I was not goin, nope, just wasn't happening, Dale was going to have to find someone else to go with.

Nonetheless, I knew this would not fly with Dale, so I might as well get started on packing.  As I started to pack, some cute dresses, swim suit and black stilettos (that I hadn't worn in so long, they needed to be dusted off) I started to get a wee bit excited.  But wait, I can't be excited, I'm a mother, I shouldn't be excited about abandoning my kiddos for a week, that's just so wrong.  What would 'they' say.  You know the 'they's'.  The ones who tell you how to put your kids to bed at night, how to discipline, how to potty train, how to this, how to that....who are 'they' anyways?  I resolved to be okay that I was excited to go away and sad that I was leaving them... and it was okay to be feeling everything all at once.  Because, who cares what 'they' think, anyways!

Once we arrived at the home for our dear friends Aleks, Amy& Hanna (A.K.A the bravest and kindest people on the face of this green earth) to drop off our kiddos, I may have taken a few deep breaths.  I promised myself no crying, nope...nope...nope.  The last thing I wanted was for the kids to feel that something was wrong.  Honestly, once we got them all settled, and set up, I felt hugely relieved.  They were right at home.  We said a quick goodbye and set off into the sunset... okay, more so a massive snow storm but it made leaving for the hot sunny beach even more enticing!

We had a great time enjoying the culture and landscape of Cuba. Okay, really we mostly enjoyed sleeping in, not cleaning dishes, nightly date nights, and simply holding each others hand ( I know the last one is corny but a nice break from holding babies all the time). We just soaked up one on one time, 7 days in a row.

Since both of us have a bit of the adventure seeker in us, we decided to do an overnight stay at another resort, coupled with some hiking the following day.  We enjoyed some authentic local food, and hiking into the mountains, ending with some cliff jumping.

The plan was for us to jump together, but I suppose I was just a wee bit more eager.  Dale didn't chicken out, promise.

When we arrived back home, we were greeted with three babes sitting all in a row.  Levi jumped right up to give a big hug and kiss.  Averie took a good long look, and came in for a snuggle, while Kaela seemed that she had forgotten who we were.  After a bit of warming up, she soon remembered though, and we were back to usual.  The first week back home was difficult for me.  I had to remember that the kids needed to get back into routine, but so did I, so we roughed through it together.  Would I do it all again.  Absolutely!  Thanks to friends and family, we enjoyed a great time together, and are ready to plan the next trip

Stay tuned for some sewing updates.....

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