Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Transformation: From drab to fab

A little while ago I was asked to come take a look at the facility for one of our local churches.  The Barrie Gospel Hall is currently temporarily renting a facility, and it needed a little help to soften the look of the space.  As you can see below, the back wall of the facility is a harsh looking metal wall with brown studs with a garage and exit door.  Needless to say, it is a bit of an eye sore when you walk into the building, so they decided that draping may be a good option for sprucing up the space.

Thanks to my 10 years of event decor experience and the knowledge of some handy men, we were able to quickly devise a plan as
to what would work for the space.  Before the thought of draping came up, the idea of dry walling the space around the garage doors was presented.  The problem with this, being that the doors would still have been exposed, and the money invested in the dry wall would have been lost when they moved.  The drape turned out to be the best option as it would cover the entire wall, and when they leave the space, they will be able to take their investment with them.

Here is the first panel up.  We can see the transformation taking place!

For some reason, one of my panels ended up being a little bit longer, so we had to do some on site repairs.

We based the colour of the fabric on a tone pulled out of the carpet.  It's difficult to tell in the pictures, but the colour matches almost perfectly.  The dark red satin is a beautiful elegant fabric that adds a lot of dimension to the space.  The satin fabric works very well in this application, as the weight of the fabric helps it to hang very well.

Here is the finished product.

Their 'Two Roads' chart hung in the middle of the drape with bungy cords securing it.  They stood out in front of the elegant satin, so I made up a few sleeves to disguise them.

The chart now looks like it belongs in the space.  Here is one more before and after shot.

I am very thankful or the opportunity to be able to work on the space.  They are now excited to do a bit of painting to complete the look and I'm excited to see everything put together.

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Happy Tuesday!

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