Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Remembering when, with family

Sun sets on the horizon, and I settle my brain down in the home that I was raised, with my babes sleeping soundly in the next room.  It's a comforting feeling being back in the home that I spent so much time in and grew up in.  It fits like a well worn slipper, with all the grooves marked out inside for your individual toes.  The stairs creak in the same spots that they used to, and I instinctively avoid the areas that I know cause the most noise.  I could climb those stairs in my sleep.  Oh, the memories built around a simple set of plain oak wood stairs.  First days of high school, coming home from long work shifts, university, dates, weddings, pregnancy and carrying new born babes in arms...if those stairs could talk...They could tell a lot of stories. And, we make new ones everyday.

This weekend was filled with lots of new memories being made. I love holidays, times of celebration and really any time to get together and enjoy time as a family.  It is a precious thing, family.  So fragile in all its little intricate ways.  The fragility of it becomes more and more apparent to me as I hear and watch those around me speaking of brokenness, loss and hurt.

We all have our stories, the good the bad and the ugly. We all have our smiling 'picture' faces, and our unseen desperate faces.  A picture is worth a thousand words,but they are all unsaid words and I wonder...if they were spoken would it be aloud, or most in dark dusty corners, where the smile fades and the tears stain?

We comfort each other through those times.  Sit, stand, walk next to each other...whatever it takes...we are family.  It's easier in the days of sunshine, we can see the path.  But when it is dark, we hold Christ's hand in front of ours, and we hold theirs beside us, knowing that when we can't see the way, He'll lead us.... He is the lamp unto our feet and the light unto our path. (Psalm 119:105)

We'll treat each other, and sweeten each other when we're feeling bitter, and unloved.

We'll close the end of another day together, even though we are in different places.  With all our failures, and fears, and fragility towards one another, we continue to work at it and persevere.  Until He calls us home, and we see His face, shinning like the sun.

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