Sunday, April 7, 2013

New tote bag design!

We are all getting a little excited over here for Spring weather and colors to arrive.  Since Spring is taking its sweet time coming around, I took it upon myself to welcome in some fresh colors with a new cute little tote bag!

Fun eh? I fell in love with this fabric a little while ago while we were shopping in the states at Hobby Lobby.

*Sidenote- If you have never been to hobby lobby... You. Must. Go.  It's as ice cream to a pregnant woman, tools to a man, smarties to a get my drift...just go.

The outer fabric of the tote is made with a stunning and sturdy 'duck' fabric.  This fabric is unique in that it carries some natural rigidity that helps the tote bag to keep its shape.  It's made out of a woven cotton, so it's still very easy to clean and care for.  The lining is made with 100% cotton made by Northcott.  I love how the hues of blue in the outer duck fabric is captured in the lining.

It features a double stitch line securing the handles in place, and two pockets in the marquis patterned duck fabric.  The tote boasts a bold red button and silver elastic to keep all your goodies in your bag.

The tote is $30, and custom sizes are available if you would like something larger or smaller! Contact me at

Here's hoping for some real Spring weather to pop up soon, until then, enjoy this beautiful tote!

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  1. Love the design, thanks for sharing! and for the clear instructions :) I think even I might manage that!


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