Saturday, September 15, 2012

Catching Up

It's been another long stretch since my last post, so I thought I would share a little bit of what I've been up to.    The camera has been taking a bit of a break lately, and the sewing machine has been working double time.  

There are a few projects on the go, and a few that I've managed to complete.

Did you know we do custom work?  Well, now you do! This is a custom clutch that I made up for a client who has an upcoming wedding to attend. She was looking for something unique to match with her dress and shoes.  Based on the image that she provided of her shoes, and her willingness to let me be creative, this classy clutch is what I came up with.  The clutch is made with a champagne colored satin, with a beautiful sheen to the fabric.  I added the beaded trim detail on the front and continuing around the back in two horizontal lines.  The trim was also added to the handle, to give the clutch a bracelet feel when it sits on the wrist.

It has more than enough room to store your essentials for the evening.  Fill it with some lip gloss, hair accessories and perhaps jewelry, and you have the making of a perfect bridesmaids gift! Contact us for your custom order today (sorry, Starbucks card not included with purchase...i wish!).

Here is another custom ipad bag.  It's made with a stunning suiting material that gives it a very tailored look.  The strapping is sewn in with a black clip that can be removed if desired.

It features a hidden pocket sewn into the front underneath the velcro enclosure to store any extra accessories.  This bag serves as a practical and stylish way to store and carry your ipad.


On another note... They're walking!

Happy weekend!

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